Welcome to Pics and Posts!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I am a NOLA Girl living in ‘Bama. I live the “life of the mind” in my “real” life, so I’ll be using this blog as an escape, to “not think too much.”  I’ll be sharing with you wonderful things I receive via snail mail (postcards mainly) AND beautiful, interesting, strange, wild things I capture with my camera.  I love, love, love studying photographs, stamps, mail art, art journals, doodles, typography, children’s art, art-in-general.  Why am I telling you this?  Because every now and then, I’ll also point to relevant pages I find around the world wide web.   I am using this blog to keep my head in the clouds or in the sand–whichever you prefer, so please, no political talk.  I have opinions, yes.  Strong ones, in fact.  But I prefer to limit sharing those with people I communicate with “in the flesh.” Also, I love people in general, so please reserve discriminatory or inflammatory speech for forums that welcome such.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to Pics and Posts!

  1. Eileen says:

    Love your blog, Chandra…because it’s good for mind too sharing same love of snailmail, postcards, photography and just nice things. Your first blog says it all. Stick around and keep the good vibes going..

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