“Liberate Your Art!”

I participated in Kat Eye Studio’s “Liberate Your Art” swap this year.  I was in the middle of a major transition–interviewing, packing, moving to another state–when the time for sending out the art was nearing a close.  I couldn’t miss this!  I missed the swap last year, so I was determined to participate this year.  I carved out a few minutes from my sleepless existence and quickly prepared my photo postcards for mailing.  I applaud myself for adding a note to each postcard (BIG GRIN).  I thoroughly enjoyed selecting and sharing favorite photos with others, and there are no words for the pure joy I experienced every time I found a beautiful piece of art liberated in my mailbox.  What I appreciate most is that each artist has a unique style and creative energy.

Here are the pieces I received.  I’ve taken the liberty of giving most of them titles:  (1)  “Zentangle Giraffe” designed by Pointy Pix ; (2) “Whimsical Lady” by K. Hall of Illinois; (3) “Peacock” by Natasha Papousek; (4) “Hear My Song” by Kia Ora of Auckland, New Zealand, (5) “Nesting” by Kathy B,  and last but not least (6) “Floral Passage” by our absolutely wonderful swap host, Kat Sloma of Kat Eye Studio.  View the slideshow below to take a look at the liberated art I received.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For more information on Kat Sloma and her “Liberate Your Art” Project, check out her website:  KAT EYE STUDIO.

To check out some of the artists/bloggers who participated in this year’s swap, click the “Liberate Your Art” Button:

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  1. Pleased to meet you; the swap was such fun. Your postcards are lovely…both given and received. See you next year, I hope.

    • I will definitely participate next year. Kat posted that she might move the swap up a little earlier next year. That’s a good thing because I’m not sure I can wait! 🙂

  2. pointypix

     /  September 15, 2012

    hi thanks for letting me know you received my giraffe and I’m so pleased you liked it! The swap was great again this year, I love receiving new art and meeting new online folk as a result!

  3. carolynphillipsuk

     /  September 18, 2012

    What a great and varied set you received.

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