An Envelope Full of Goodness

My cool photog friend Patty aka Cakers sent me an envelope full of photographs and postcards.  She designed and printed some herself and had others printed by moo.  I was expecting a photo or two from her, but I was delighted to find a package of photos waiting for me at the post office.  I appreciate Cakers for thinking about who I am and what would bring a smile to my face when she put this package together–the cheerful colors, the thoughtful murals, the general warmth of the collection.   I must admit that I am a little jealous that she has skillfully executed a long exposure shot–something I have been dying to try, but haven’t had the time to really work it.  One day, though.  I did capture some photo goodness myself this week.  A post for another time.  This one’s all about Cakers, so let’s take a “look-see” at her work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want more, more, more of Cakers, check out her blog at Cakers & Co.  Also, I’ve been HOARDING Cakers’ photos for well over a year now, so I have a LOT.  I’ve decided it’s time to share her work with the world, so I’m willing to share three of her photo postcards.  If you’re a follower and you’re interested in receiving a Cakers postcard from moi, leave a comment and your email address (or, if you’re comfortable, your snail mail address), and I’ll get a PC out to you as soon as possible–that is, if you’re among the first three commenters.

Have a mail happy day!

3 thoughts on “An Envelope Full of Goodness

  1. Cakers & Co says:

    Oh Chandra, you are such a fabulous person. I’ve never had someone blog about my photography before and I’m just so tickled that you’ve done this on my behalf. I literally blushed when I read your post and grinned for hours after. In fact, I still grin now and again when I think about how special it makes me feel.

    As you know from our conversations I love goofing with my camera. It’s really amazing the pictures I’ve been able to take with it, considering that it’s basically a point and shoot. I don’t know if I’ve told you but I have had my camera for just over 2 years and taken almost 15,000 shots. How many have I kept? Only an ‘nth’ of them. And you have received some of what I think are my best so far.

    I think my favorite subjects are flowers – anything I can get close up detail on. The long shots are fun, too. I’ve also been just plain lucky!

    You, my friend, are an amazing photographer in your own right. I’ve been so impressed with your photos that you’ve found beautiful quotes for, as well as your architecture and ‘people’ shots. People are not *my* forte. They move!!

    I love swapping with you!! Let’s work on that watermark issue, so we can protect our hard work, my friend!

    Thank you again for a lovely write up.

    Ginormous hugs,


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