In Search of the Perfect Rose…Photo, That Is

I hosted and obviously participated in the “One Perfect Rose” photo swap on swap-bot–in honor of Dorothy Parker’s poem “One Perfect Rose.”  My swap partner was pleased with the three rose photos I sent her.  She liked the softness of the roses, but I’m not so convinced.  I have been trying to capture the perfect rose shot for years and I still haven’t “gotten it.”  What’s the secret to those perfect rose shots I see all over Flickr and Hallmark cards? Is it angle?  Lighting?  If you have any tips for me, please share!  Here are some of my rose shots.  I even shot some on my iPhone.

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The “Post-Katrina Rose” is really special to me.  It was the first sign of color I saw after Hurricane Katrina left New Orleans brown and gray (in 2005).  It served as a beautiful reminder that we can find something beautiful in even the most horrific circumstances.

Have you taken any great (or not so great) rose photos?

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