Teddy Bear Tea Party!

Teddy bears are among my favorite things–they certainly bring a smile to my face. This week tried my patience (and stamina) as I struggled to catch up and make up for the time I lost last week. Thankfully, this was a GREAT mail week and I found treats in my mailbox daily.

One of my swap-bot buddies, susieq11, organized a Teddy Bear Postcard swap because I missed the first one while I was in transition. Wasn’t that sweet of her? Here’s the beautiful postcard I received. It traveled from England to my mailbox (as you can see from the stamps). It is absolutely adorable and made me smile from ear to ear all morning.

“Panda Came to Tea”
Photograph by Irena Thompson, Bears and Toys from Irena’s Collection

And if the postcard isn’t cute enough, look at the AWESOME classic Winnie-the-Pooh stamp my partner, denimblu14, affixed to the postcard:

Winnie-the-Pooh and Rabbit

And now, here are the postcards I sent to my partner:

Family of Bears at the Beach

This postcard represents my farewell to the far too hot, far too short summer! My swap partner loves summer, so hopefully, this postcard will be a cheerful reminder of the heat when she’s had too much of the Ohio winter.

I found the the beautiful white bear that follows among items I packed between 8 and 16 years ago. (We found them in the attic of our “old” house which we moved into in 2004. I just can’t remember if they were packed for that move or for the move before that–in 1996–from Florida to New Orleans). This bear postcard comes from a collection of Hallmark postcards published by Warner Press. Each postcard features a Bible verse on the back.

“Seek peace and pursue it.” Psalm 34:14

While we’re on the subject of teddy bear postcards, you might as well relax and enjoy some of the others in my collection!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These bears have traveled from various places in the U.S., from Russia, Belarus, the Netherlands and other places around the world. They’re not all so “teddy,” but they’re all cute!

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