Mail About Mail

It’s been about two weeks since I last posted.  I’ve been tied up doing “real” work and resting my brain and preparing it to do more “real” work.  I’ve received loads of great mail over the last two weeks, so I’ll have to take a few moments this week to “catch up.”

This brief post is prompted by two postcards I received last week that show happy people (and characters) happy about mail.

I absolutely adore all the postcards I receive that reference snail mail. They remind us how important it is to receive something cheerful in the mail every now and then.  So pick up your pen and write a letter or send a postcard for a change.  Don’t fret over what to write.  Just a simple “I’m thinking about you” or a favorite quote will work.  Your friends and family will be elated to receive something personal and fun in their mailboxes mixed in with all the bills and junk.

Let these inspire you!

“Bunny Mail,” from Postcrosser Olga in Belarus

“Be the Most,” from Postcrosser Lina in Lithuania

“Snail Mail,” from Suzy’s Zoo. This is an older one–from a swap-bot who forgot to sign her name.

“Happy Mail Day.” I received this one earlier this year from Postcrosser Marjo of Finland. Can you “see” the joy mail delivers?

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