A Couple of Smiles…

This is simply a follow-up post to “I Made a Smile,” posted two days ago.  I received smileys from my partners and they certainly brightened my day.

The first card, made by wenturner71, one of my “Professors United” pals on swap-bot, arrived yesterday.  Wen is an amazing crafter and an awesome artist.  If you have a moment, check out her upcycled wares and her ATCs. She also has an Etsy store, if you’re interested.



“Groovy” was made with wax and alcohol inks.  It is certainly groovy, man! Wen also enclosed a couple of quotes and some REALLY nice and PURPLE ATC background papers that I’m dying to use on something special!

The second ATC, made by desolateros3, arrived today.  Its name is “Smiley Face” and it came in an appropriately smiley-decorated envelope.

"Smiley Face"

“Smiley Face”

Don’t they bring a smile to your face?

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