Month of Letters: Tiny Photo Gallery and a Piano-Playing Panda

I desperately needed a bit of creativity over the weekend, but my little one got sick and, of course, I couldn’t desert his bedside for my own pursuits.  He and I managed to exercise our creativity just a bit.   We completed the first two pages of his smash book.  Frogs, salamanders and talking trees!  We were pleased with the results.  We also talked about Valentine’s cards for his classmates.  For the last three years, he’s had a robot theme and he decided he’d like to stick with it.  So we tossed around ideas and did a quick sketch of one–we’ll do more when he’s all better.

I also flexed a tiny bit of creative muscle for the February 6th Month of Letters mailing.  I joined a “Cell Phone Photo” swap.  The requirements were to send two mobile phone pictures and comment on how we feel about phone pictures in general.  After I saw the variety of photos I’d taken with my iPhone, I didn’t want to just send my partner a couple of pics in an envelope with a quick explanation.  I just knew I had to create “something” other than postcards and/or photo note cards (my usual), so I created a mini gallery of iPhone photos for my partner and included a letter, two note cards made with iPhone photos, robot and heart stickers and two inspirational postcards from Scott Albrecht’s hand-lettered postcard collection, Live the Life You Love, Love the Life You Live.

Here’s the “tiny” gallery I created:

iPhone Photos Gallery-Front and Back Covers

iPhone Photos Gallery-Front and Back Covers

iPhone Photos Gallery-Inside

iPhone Photos Gallery-Inside

I am not really a fan of phone photos.  I prefer my “real” camera, but there have been times when I didn’t have it with me and the iPhone camera did the job–often very well.  I am grateful that I had my phone to snap a photo of my son “mock-voting” in the recent presidential election.  Had I known that his school would be holding a mock election, I would have camped out there with my camera all day!  Fortunately, I was able to capture “real camera” photos of my own “first-time voter” students adorned with “I Voted” stickers.

Side note:  If you’re interested in iPhone photography, you should take a look at Brett’s iPhone 4s & Japan. Great blog! And lots of inspiration for phone photography (Is it really called “phonography,” as I’ve heard others call it?  That always makes me think of a phonograph–you know, record player, that thing we played music on before tapes and CD’s came along).

I also sent another Happy Animals Time postcard–a happy jamming panda.  The person I sent it to likes items with cute animals.  I hope she l-o-v-e-s this “koooooool kat.”  Errrr…panda.  I decorated the back with Suzy’s Zoo stickers.  Cute overload.

Happy Animal Time by Junzo Terada

Happy Animal Time by Junzo Terada

That’s all, folks.  See you in a few days!

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