There’s Something About B&W…

I received a beautiful package a couple of days ago that brought a genuine smile to my face even before I opened it.  Doesn’t this hand-decorated envelope make you smile?

Dee enclosed gorgeous handmade black and white photo notecards and a lovely letter that I will cherish.  She empathizes with the loss of a sister, as she lost her own beloved sister many years ago. Her letter was wrapped in hugs and hearts.  Here are the photos.  I’ve received photos from Dee before.  Whenever I discover she’s my partner in a swap, I delightfully–and a little impatiently–anticipate what I know will be a lovely package.  She never disappoints!

Wilting Tulips by Dee Stead

“Wilting Tulips” by Dee Stead

Dee added a little color to “Home by the Bay” below.  She also sent the color version of this photo.  The home has character and history.  I can just imagine the stories!

"Home by the Bay" by Dee Stead

“Home by the Bay” by Dee Stead

My partner will receive three photo notecards as well.  If you’ve been following my blog, you should recognize “Sweet Beloved” from the previous post.  I had little intention of sending it, but it really tugged at my heart.

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I had a little fun deciding which ones to send.  I solicited opinions from my hubby and son.  My hubby is partial to black and white photos, so he loves them.  My son, I learned, prefers color.  He doesn’t like any of these!  Oh well! I can’t please everyone.  Hopefully, my partner will enjoy them!

I can’t say I prefer one or the other, but there’s something about black and white photos that I really like.  They’re classic, appealing–stunning really.

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