Dinosaur Sightings!

"Dinosaur Sightings" by Mrs. C's Second Grade Class

“Dinosaur Sightings” by Mrs. C’s Second Grade Class

Like a lot of little boys, my little one is really into dinosaurs.  I can’t remember what sparked his interest in them, but I know he’s been intrigued by them since he was about two and a half.  He has dinosaur toys, books, dinosaur origami, drawing activities, puzzles, and other activities.  You can imagine his delight when his second grade teacher spent part of the fossil unit on dinosaurs.   And if you know how much I like children’s art, you should know I was tickled pink to see the bright and cheerful dinosaur art gracing the wall outside his classroom.  [See earlier posts here and here].

(Side note: I cannot say enough about his teacher and what she does to get little boys excited about school.  Yes, excited.  I’m talking  “Oh, no! What do you mean I can’t go to school?! 101.1 degree temp isn’t that high. I must.go.to.school” excited.  I’m convinced she performed a miracle on the first day of school).

The little one likes to “store” in his memory or on camera all the beautiful things he sees, so he requested that I take a picture of his classmates’ artwork.  Needless to say, he didn’t have to pull my arm to get me to do it.  He was rightfully very proud of his work–even though, as he pointed out, he didn’t draw his favorite, the Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex).

"Spike the Sailfin Lizard," by Vaughan, Second Grade

A Pelycosaur Named “Spike” by Vaughan, Second Grade

It’s no surprise that my little one drew “Spike” because he has been very interested in sailfin lizards lately.   The sailfin lizard looks very much like the Dimetrodon which was actually a pelycosaur, not a dinosaur.  Pelycosaurs preceded dinosaurs.

Someone thinks this is way too much information and that we should just enjoy his class’s magnificent artwork. [Click an image for a closer look]

I spy a T-Rex, another Dimetrodon, a Brontosaurus, a Brachiosaurus, a Triceratops, and a Velociraptor.  What do you see?

Note It!

Way back in October–it seems so long ago–I participated in the “4 Photos and a Note Card” swap hosted by kmug500 on swap-bot.  Swappers were required to use old photos they’d taken to create a note card. Literally. Swappers had to cut the letters N-O-T-E from photos they’d already printed, glue them to the front of a blank card or card stock and send the card on its way.

My partner, Scuslidge, sent two gorgeous cards with hand-cut lettering. Here’s the first one:

"A Note for All Seasons," by Scuslidge on swap-bot

“A Note for All Seasons,” by Scuslidge on swap-bot

Scuslidge had been planning a card that incorporated all the seasons even before this swap.  I am going to have such a difficult time parting with this card.  I think I’ll save it for someone super special whom I see a lot. Who saves cards and letters.  So I can see it again in this lifetime. 😉

My partner admitted to sending the second card because she forgot about the rule to use old photos, so she created another with photos of purple flowers from her stash.  I appreciate her honesty and am all too happy to benefit from her “error.”

"Purple," by Scuslidge on swap-bot

“Purple,” by Scuslidge on swap-bot

I had so much fun creating a card for my partner, especially since I used my trusty–though rarely used–Cricut to cut the letters.  My partner was pleased with her card, so pleased that she wants us to be neighbors  so she can use the Cricut.  Of course, that’s not a compelling enough reason for me to move to another state or make any of my neighbors move out of their homes, so I just suggested that she take advantage of the holidays and add the Cricut to her holiday wish list.  (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the card before sending it off).

This is such a wonderful way to use old, extra, miscellaneous, or even ill-composed photos.  I’m definitely going to milk this idea till I’m out of random, extra photos.  I’ve already printed other letters (words) like the seasons, hello, hi and the like.   The challenge for me is the glue.  Glue is messy.  Glue dots?  No.   I don’t always trust double-sided tape.  So, I’m experimenting.

You should try it. You might like it too!

Reign Supreme!

October's Mail Bag

October’s Mail Bag:  Coming Soon

I know! I know!  I’ve been M-I-A.  I’m sorry!  I couldn’t help it.  October decided to change places with April and become the cruelest month. And November hasn’t been too kind either.  I’ve been plain ol’ swamped—sinking, drowning in work, work, work!  September was busy, but kind.  I had time to journal daily, blog (okay, once!), roam around with my camera, and even start some new ventures.  I thought I’d gained some balance.  I was hoodwinked! Bamboozled!

Despite my unplanned blogging hiatus, my mailbox was very, very busy in October. The postcards, letters, and pretty things were indeed light in my dark, work-filled world.

Well enough!  I reclaim space in my life for blogging—yes, on the same unpredictable schedule.  I will play a little “catch-up,” so maybe I’ll be (some form of) consistent over the next few weeks.

Today, I share a postcard sent late September by my covered bridge-loving friend Lindy who’s on her own exploration of the bridges of Indiana a la Robert James Waller’s The Bridges of Madison Countywithout the illicit love affair.   She sent not a covered bridge postcard but one of my favorite throwback all-girl singing groups.

The Supremes

The Supremes

Aren’t they “supreme?”

Some of my earliest and fondest childhood memories are of Sunday morning listening sessions managed by my father who introduced his ten children to all kinds of contemporary and classic music.  I’m pretty sure our deep appreciation for music stems from our Sunday mornings.

I learned to love music on Sunday mornings and I also learned to dream.  (Music is truly my first love–abandoned for other pursuits).  I imagined myself pouring out my soul to a sold-out adoring audience peopled by individuals who would fall out and go crazy when the first note reverberated through the auditorium.  “Diana Ross and The Supremes” were among my favorite.  I could sing any of their songs like a pro.  I was Diana Ross rocking a brush, comb, broomstick or some other household object as my microphone.   It helped that I had a houseful of brothers and sisters.  I always found someone to sing along with me or someone willing to sing backup.

“The Supremes” reigned in the 1960’s and were the first “all-girl” group to successfully cross racial and cultural barriers and repeatedly top the charts.  Some say they even rivaled “The Beatles” in popularity.

It’s Sunday.  I think I’ll rock “The Supremes”  while I clean and get prepared for the week.