“Me”…in an Envelope!

Here’s your task:  Enclose at least five items in an envelope that define you.  Nope.  This is not a bridal shower game, but it was the subject of a swap I recently completed–“Me in an Envelope” hosted by “isabellasnow” on swap-bot.  The swap required that participants send an envelope of items that would give the recipients an idea of who we are.  What did I include? My partner and I have very similar interests and tastes, so I sent her things that I thought she would use:

  • a book of poetry–I’ve loved poetry since I was a little girl and I am thoroughly enjoying teaching the British Romantic and Victorian poets this semester.
  • a couple of tourist postcards–one from New Orleans (home) and one from Alabama (where I live now)
  • a third postcard–robots (guess why)
  • peace, hearts, and flower stickers–the ideology of “Flower Power” is still so appealing to me
  • inspirational quotes–Don Miguel Ruiz (“The Four Agreements”) and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (“Nine Requisites for Contented Living”).
  • some of my own nature photos
  • Paris notecards–Paris is on my bucket list.  I did spend a few hours in a Paris airport once.  I don’t think that counts.  🙂
  • teddy bear postage because it was easier to send the postage than it was to send an actual teddy bear
  • washi tape samples–my latest “crafty” obsession

There were many other things I wanted to include, but I forced myself to exercise a little discipline.  I’m not sure I would say these things “define” me.  They certainly hint at some aspects of “me,” but a package that “defines” me would probably be much more difficult to put together.    Besides, even though the swap was “sender’s choice,”  I try to send people items they can/will actually use.

I think “Metruis,” my “receive from” partner took the same approach.   We have some similar interests as well, and she sent a fun package of goodies.

Her note was written on this far too cute panda postcard.

"Deck the Halls"  Christmas all year long, I say!

“Deck the Halls”

Christmas all year long, I say!  I love these pandas.  Isn’t the one hanging from the tree simply adorable?

Metruis is a freelance writer and an artist.  She even drew a picture of herself on the back of the postcard, “sort of.”

"Me Sorta" by Metruis

“Me Sorta” by Metruis

She sent fabric swatches from the last quilt she made.  These will be great for making a collage postcard!

"Fabric Swatches"

“Fabric Swatches”

She loves loose tea, so she sent two of her favorite teas and recipes.  Here’s one of the recipes:


“Fruity Cold Brew Tea”

She paints, so she sent a paintbrush.  She “always” paints her nails and her favorite color is green, so she sent green “nail glitter.”

Paintbrush and Nail Glitter

“Paintbrush and Nail Glitter”

She loves steampunk, so she sent a “steampunk dude.”

"Time Traveler?"

“Time Traveler?”

And a compass charm because she makes maps for a living.

"Compass Charm"

“Compass Charm”

Along with a receipt from one of her favorite restaurants and a library checkout receipt, she sent a bookmark advertising one of her web comics.

Me in an Envie-3

“Between Places”

If you’re into graphic novels, check out Between Places, a fantasy novel with scifi elements, and Stargazer’s Gate, a fantasy graphic novel about gates between worlds.

What would your 5 items be?