Liberate Your Art 2014: Art, Mail, and Randomness

Liberate Your Art 2014 came and went all too fast! Thanks to Kat Sloma my post office box was happy again! The poor thing hardly gets any fun mail since we use it primarily for bills and (apparently) junk mail, so I always do a little mental happy dance when I pull something fun from the box.

If you’re “newish” to my blog, Liberate Your Art is the annual “arts festival by mail” hosted by the inimitable Kat Sloma. Kat hosts the swap every year to encourage artists to professionally produce and share their work with the world.  Swappers send five pieces of art to share and receive six by other artists (including one by Kat).  You can see my previous years’ posts by clicking the following links: LYA 2013 art sent and received and 2012 art received and 2012 art sent.

This year I, again, received wonderful pieces.

I know! I know! I should showcase the postcards in my environment, but the last few months have been merciless and have provided no time for creativity or anything fun.  :-/

The first one is a close-up of a fall(en) leaf, one of my favorite subjects, photographed by Jennifer of Small Matters.

"Fall" by Jen Erbe

“Fall” by Jen Erbe

Jennifer shared some wisdom from Kurt Vonnegut: “To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.”

Maddy of the United Kingdom shared this beauty.

"Love" by Maddy

“Love” by Maddy

I love how the randomness works out. I love hearts and usually anything with the word “love” on it.   Maddy, of A Jewelling Passion for Art and Everything Else, wrote on the back of her postcard: “Everyone needs a little love in their life or the world just isn’t right.”

The woman-centered awesomeness below was created by Polly. Check out more of her art on her Flickr site.

"Strong-Warrior-Wise-Happy-Spirit-Creative-Heroine-Woman" by Polly Johnson

“Strong-Warrior-Wise-Happy-Spirit-Creative-Heroine-Woman” by Polly Johnson

Notice the intensity. I’m trying to decide if she should have a (framed) place near my desk.  In fact, this is the only one I was able to get a shot of “in my environment” because I retrieved it early one Friday morning before heading to my office.  So, here it is, appropriately next to the teacher figurine my sister gave me and in front of an artistic interpretation of a victim of female genital mutilation created by one of my former students.



Last, but not least, Kat sent the stunning “Layered Autumn”–another one from my favorite season.

LYA 2014-1

“Layered Autumn” by Kat Sloma of Kat Eye Studio

See what I mean about how the randomness works out? It’s like the art/mail gods schemed to fill my mailbox with things that would make me giddy.  Needless to say, this one will have a permanent place on my “Colors of Autumn” wall.

I’m trying not to stew about the two postcards that are missing somewhere along the postal route. Experience has taught me that they’ll appear…eventually.

As if she knows I have some “missing in action” postcards, the wonderful Candace, as a “random act of kindness” sent me one of her beauties! Candace of Glenrosa Journeys is an awesome photographer and her bird photos are amazing! This one came just in time for my son to claim for his bird-watching journal.

"Stirred for a Bird," by Candace Porth

“Stirred for a Bird,” by Candace Porth

Candace’s photo came with a verse by Gerard Manley Hopkins:

My heart in hiding

stirred for a bird,

–the achieve of,

the mastery of the thing!

Thanks, Candace! One of my postcards will be winging its way to you in a few days.

Here are the pieces I liberated.  I have extras, so if you want to trade, just send me an email.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Haven’t had enough?  Click the LYA 2014 blog hop button below and enjoy even more “liberated art.”  While you’re at it, join Kat’s mailing list, so you can join LYA 2015!


33 thoughts on “Liberate Your Art 2014: Art, Mail, and Randomness

  1. Snap says:

    “arts festival by mail” … what a great description of Liberate Your Art. I haven’t seen several of the cards you received before — that’s what I love about the blog hop … a greater chance to see them all! The cards you sent are gorgeous. I’m looking forward to 2015!


    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Thanks and thanks! It’s interesting how we rarely see “duplicates” via the blog hop. In my three years, I think I’ve only seen a postcard I sent out once or twice (not including Kat’s video). I’m looking forward to 2015 too–I think I already have one postcard selected. Thanks for dropping by!


  2. jaxdecor says:

    I’m sorry some of the postcards to you got lost in the mail – hopefully they’ll arrive eventually! The cards you did receive are really nice, and how cool that they match your likes & interests 🙂

    I love your horseshoe card 🙂


    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Thanks for loving the horseshoe card! 🙂 Yes, it is super cool that the cards match my interests! I do find myself drooling over the cards others received as well. Wouldn’t it be cool if we sent and received 100?! Of course, Kat would go mad with all of the organization and prep, so we’d better keep it at 5. 🙂 The MIA cards will show up. I once sent a postcard to someone right here in the USA and it took 4 months to arrive! That postcard must have some interesting tales to tell!


  3. Candace says:

    The ones you sent out are so pretty and what a bummer that you have 2 missing! I’m not seeing the ones I sent out on any blogs so maybe you’ll wind up getting one of my actual swap cards!


  4. Sheila Marie Delgado says:

    Chandra your images are wonderful! If you still have extras – sign me up 🙂 you can find me on facebook, or my site, And if not… I will look forward to the chance of getting one from you next year 🙂


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