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A few of us had extra postcards from the Liberate Your Art swap and we were all too happy to share our extras and keep the party going a little longer.  But, before I share the newest art that came in, here’s the collage Kat Sloma designed in honor of Liberate Your Art 2014.  She created it using several of the postcards that were liberated this year through her swap.

"Liberate Your Heart," Kat Sloma, 2014

“Liberate Your Heart,” Kat Sloma, 2014

These posters were sold for a short stint during the LYA 2014 blog hop.  There’s a great deal of truth in the words “When you liberate your art, you liberate your heart.” I usually feel a little more “free” after I’ve released a little part of my creative self into the world–a little anxious, but free.

Kat jotted a quick “thank you” on the back of the postcard she mailed to participants of LYA 2011, the very first LYA. I didn’t find out about LYA until the first swap was over, but now, I have all of Kat’s LYA postcards, so that sort of makes up for my missing #1.

"Vespa," by Kat Sloma, Liberate Your Art 2011

“Vespa,” by Kat Sloma, Liberate Your Art 2011

The first “extra” postcard I received came from Pat.  “Hooray for art” is typeset on the back of her card.

"Seagulls" by Patricia Lyon Surrey

“Seagulls on a River” by Patricia Lyon Surrey

Pat shot this photo in Vermont, where she has lived for almost 40 years, then “enhanced it in PhotoShop.” You can see more of Pat’s work on her site.

Then, I received this lovely watercolor postcard from Sheila.  She sent hers in an envelope with a nice, long note (the note, in my opinion, is the point of happy mail anyway). 😀


“Hydrangeas” by Sheila Delgado

Sheila makes beautiful postcards.  Of course, I’m happy this one is purple, my favorite color! You can find more art on her site, and if you’re interested, you can purchase her watercolor postcards at Sheila’s Corner on Zazzle.

Finally, Janice shared her vintage camera photo.

LYA Bonus and NPCW Received 2014-4

“Vintage Camera,” by Janice Darby

Janice ran out of postcards from this year’s swap, so she sent a postcard from LYA 2013.  Lucky me!  I “heart” photos of vintage cameras and I’d been coveting a journal by San Francisco-based artist/ illustrator Lisa Congdon with designs (quote and vintage camera) in this style, so this one really made me squeal with delight.  Janice wrote a quote about “mail” on the back of the postcard, which made it extra special:

“And none can hear the postman’s knock without a quickening of the heart.  For who can bear to feel himself forgotten.”

And while we’re on the subject of art, I received this beautiful handmade postcard from swap-bot BeckyG56 for a “May Flowers” swap.  I’d recently taken a photo walk around campus to capture the tulips.  I wasn’t pleased with the tulip photos, so this postcard came just in time!

LYA Bonus and NPCW Received 2014-1

“May Flowers” by Becky

Becky made this collaged postcard with images from calendar pages.  Isn’t it bright and cheerful?

That’s it for now.  If you missed the original Liberate Your Art 2014 post, you can check it out here.

7 thoughts on “More Art Liberated

    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Thank YOU for dropping by. I’m happy that you enjoyed reading the blog. I read a number of your posts earlier today and your posts have helped me in many, many ways. I cannot thank you enough for your transparency, for your honesty about your experiences. (If you see the link in today’s post–June 3–which references my sister, you’ll understand, but I will drop by your blog later this evening or tomorrow and leave a note).


  1. Sheila Marie Delgado says:

    Chandra, you have such a nice group of cards here. Thanks for sharing them all with us. And Thank you again, for sharing your art with the world, and with me 🙂 Looking forward to next years swap, and the chance to connect with you again. Blessings and best wishes – Sheila


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