Postcrossing…I’m back!

I hadn’t sent postcards via Postcrossing in a looooonnnnng time, so I sent out a bunch a few weeks ago simply because I was in the mood to write postcards. I dropped into the “Goin’ Postal” store minutes away from my home and mailed an eclectic set of postcards based on receivers’ varied interests in tourist postcards, bookish postcards, coffee and indigenous peoples of the Americas…some in envelopes, some naked (written on and stamped).  Here’s what I sent–

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I checked my P.O. Box  yesterday and the postcards have started rolling in.  They are just as varied as the ones I sent out…

Czestochowa.  Aleja N.M.P.

Czestochowa. Aleja N.M.P.

This first card came from Misia in Poland.  This is the Avenue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Czestochowa.  I know this–thanks to Google’s translation tool. 😉

Ainika from Estonia sent a cute Snoopy card:

Postcrossing Received 06-26-14

Translation: “You don’t need many friends, but you need good friends!”

A little out of season, but I think Ainika was focusing on the message.  Besides, Peanuts cuteness is always in season as far as I’m concerned!

And more cuteness from Cesar in Spain, Palencia to be exact. He describes his home as “a small city full of art and crossed by the road to Santiago.”

Translation:  Fievel Goes West

Translation: Fievel Goes West

I remember watching An American Tail and Fievel Goes West with my one of my nephews–who is now 24, grown and married–and I’ve been partial to Fievel since some college buddies told me I look like him (and therefore, started calling me “Mousey”).

I love this illustration:

Rudi Hurlzmeier, "Noch'n Gedicht. Illustration from the Lord Brummel

Rudi Hurlzmeier, “Noch’n Gedicht.” Illustration from Lord Brummel

A bear reading outdoors under a tree?  How many of my favorites can you cram into one image?

Google translate didn’t help much with this one.  I think “Noch’n Gedicht” means “another poem” or something along those lines.  Please correct me, if I’m wrong.  Oh, don’t be fooled. This card did not come from Germany.  It was sent by USA Postcrosser Jane in Kansas City.

Another book-themed postcard came from Don who sends greetings from New Jersey (USA):

Glen Baxter, from the Bug House Archives

Glen Baxter, from the Bug House Archives

And last, another from the USA–Brad sent this wonderful snail mail postcard from Pennsylvania Amish Country.

Pennsylvania Amish Country, Photo by Anthony L. Iezzi

Pennsylvania Amish Country, Photo by Anthony L. Iezzi

Brad is retired and gets to study photography and art all day!  He also has a website that reflects his passion for postcards.  Check it out here:  The Postcard Nut.

What can make great postcards even better?  Interesting postage and postmarks, of course!  (Click an image for a closer look).


2 thoughts on “Postcrossing…I’m back!

  1. franhunne4u says:

    yes, it means another poem – no correction needed – and it’s a Heinz-Erhardt-reverence – a german comedian (looooong time ago!) – who has written funny poems with nice little twists and called that collection … wait for it … Noch’n Gedicht!


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