Two Heads Are Better Than One. Sixteen Legs Are Even Better Than Four!

It’s been more than a month since my last post, so I have quite a bit of mailbox goodness to share. I’ll have to put the sharing on hold a bit because my little one made a special request for me to post the two-headed cow I photographed last year during one of our Saturday afternoon drives.

Two-Headed Cow

Two-Headed Cow


He gets such a kick out of this photo!  It’s not exactly two-headed. In fact, there are more than two cows here. Three obviously. Keep looking and you’ll see the baby legs of a second calf.


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  1. What a cool picture! I really like your treatment and the colors are wonderful…

    • Thanks, Laurie! I tried an HDR effect in an iPad app. I can’t remember which one because I was just playing around with apps. In fact, I think I played around with 2 apps for this one. I didn’t think to post the original image. Maybe, I’ll get to it later. 😉

  1. Oh, the Cows! | Pics and Posts

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