The Fall of Autumn

Remember my “Brilliant Hello” posted a couple of days ago?

“Brilliant Hello”

Look at it now.  About a week later–every single leaf blown to the ground, thanks to our cold, windy days.


“Golden Path”

It’s not even December yet. Winter has usurped autumn.

Brilliant Hello: Golden Walkway, November 2014

Brilliant Hello: Golden Path, November 2014

Autumn is brilliant but brief.

4 thoughts on “The Fall of Autumn

  1. Silver Bird Photography says:

    No snow? This is a beautiful scene and the yellow would be missed by me. This has been a beautiful autumn. We went straight to snow…


    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Nope. No snow. Snow is a rarity here. We did get snow earlier this year, so I’ll be surprised if we get any again soon. Sorry you went straight to snow, but the images of fall will keep you happy (and a little warmer)! Happy Thanksgiving!


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