Jan’s Tree: Pause for Sanity

Jan's Tree: My Colleague and I were "considering the trees" on our short walk to a meeting.  Jan noticed this one and we paused to consider it.

Jan’s Tree: A couple of days ago, Jan–a colleague–and I were “considering the trees” on our short walk to a meeting. She noticed this one and we paused to reflect on its beauty and the cloud-play beyond it.

I have been “considering the trees” a lot lately.  I have had little time to “just be,” so this has been a key part of maintaining my sanity.  On the drive home, while walking a bit on campus, or running an errand, I have just been taking note of trees. These unplanned pauses with nature have helped me exhale and shake off the stress at various points of the day.

Jan's Tree: Origina/No Filter

Jan’s Tree: Original/No Filter/iPhone Photo

Thank God for the trees!

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