A Community Called “Fishtown”

I am so happy that Thanksgiving break is finally here! Now, I can finally catch up on everything, including blogging.  I have lots to share, but since blogging is not the most urgent matter on my list, I just have a simple post for today.

"Fishtown" by Pete Nicholls

“A View of Fishtown” by Pete Nicholls

I received this stunning photo postcard yesterday.  This view of a Michigan community called “Fishtown” was captured by Pete Nicholls, coordinator of the “Photographic Postcard” swaps on swap-bot.  He writes that he post-processed the image in Photoshop to give it an “artsy flair.”  He certainly succeeded. “Artsy” is exactly how I described the postcard before I even read his note!

You can see more of Pete’s work on his blog: Pete Nicholls.  Check him out!