Children’s Book Illustration Postcards: Part V (Final)

We’ve finally reached the end of 122 weeks of children’s book illustration postcards.  I’ve enjoyed our excursion into the world of children’s literature.  It’s particularly been a pleasure going through the cards and sharing them again with my little one–who’s really not so little anymore.  Though he is way beyond “picture books,” he still appreciates the books and illustrations and fondly remembers his early childhood reading.

As I consider the fact that this swap was hosted every week for more than two years, I’m impressed that some of us “stuck it out” and participated in every.single.swap.  That is quite a feat!

We end with the final 24 postcards I received.  In this set, there’s a series of postcards I had never seen before–those from Eerdmans Books for Young Readers.  The cards are big (just above 5×7) and colorful with  a snippet of the story featured on the back of the card.  You’ll once again see a few Alice in Wonderland postcards and some from other series, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales.

Although this is the last post of the five-part series, I will begin the new children’s book illustration postcards swap series this weekend and will share the postcards regularly.

If you’ve missed any of the other posts, you can find them here:


8 thoughts on “Children’s Book Illustration Postcards: Part V (Final)

  1. CHRISTINE Brooks says:

    Chandra,I enjoyed looking thru the postcards. Did you actually receive them or was it done on line? Great collection.I met you thru LYAPS and wanted to invite you to another Post Card swap. It is a bit different. Love Notes. 3 postcards, either hand made, store bought or what ever, to the same person, who is assigned to you and you are given a prompt each week. Dead line to sign up is in July. There is also another one call Global Post Card Swap, this time the theme is Love and Light. 3 cards, hand made, to three different addresses, that you are given. Also a July deadline.Just thought you might be interested.Christine BrooksDate: Fri, 24 Jun 2016 15:54:54 +0000 To:

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      I thought I responded to this comment, but I don’t see a reply, so here goes: Thanks for telling me about Love Notes! I’m excited. I can’t wait to sit down and write week 2. And YES, the children’s book illustration postcards are all cards I received in the mail. I’m trying to figure out now how to display the cards. Eek!


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