Morning by Morning…

When I awakened this morning, I felt overwhelmed by my external and internal to-do lists and deflated by life in general.  I pushed through my desire to hide from the world today and climbed out of bed only two minutes later than planned.

Shortly after breakfast, I heard my little one, who typically opens his blinds first thing in the morning, exclaim from his bedroom, “Wow, look at the sky!”  I raced to his window and beheld this gorgeous pre-sunrise sky.

Morning Sky

“Morning by morning…”

You know what happened next. I threw on a couple of jackets, grabbed my camera, and raced outdoors because an early morning sky can transform from dramatic to ordinary in the blink of an eye.

New Mercies

“New mercies…”

I didn’t spend a lot of time outdoors, but the few moments alone with my camera and the sky reset my mood.  While gazing at the sky, I began to sing a line from “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” one of my favorite hymns–“Morning by morning new mercies I see.”

All I have needed...

“I see…”

The sky led to the song and the song led to the biblical text which inspired the hymn:

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
for His compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23 NIV

I’m walking with gratitude for the awesome promise of “new mercies” each morning, and I am a bit “lighter” knowing that God’s “great love” will rescue me, even from myself.

16 thoughts on “Morning by Morning…

  1. Carlie says:

    Beautiful pictures! I also thought I would take a quick nap today after the kids left and I started work, but somehow perked up and felt more optimistic than I did when I woke up. Winter can be hard…cold, gray, dreary…especially after the holidays.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Thank you, Carlie, for your compliment, your insight, and for dropping by. A nap sounds really good to me right now. Winter can be hard. I’m an “autumn girl,” but I do appreciate the feel-good naps of dreary winter days. 😉


    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Sheila, and for your sweet compliment. I’m doing some blog-reading catchup today, and I’m so appreciating your artwork. Oh, if I had your gift! Thanking God for you and your generous sharing of your talent!


  2. gracefulpages says:

    How awesome that your son was able to appreciate the sunrise! Maybe he will pick up some of mom’s photography skills in the future! 😊


    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Hi Shirley! Thanks for your sweet compliment. The little one has an appreciation for beauty in nature. He’s had a camera since he was 3 or 4. But, yes, the fact that he paused his busy morning to appreciate the beauty and called our attention to it…priceless!


    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Christine, this one was hard to not appreciate! Many others who live in the area also remarked on the beautiful sky that morning. This gives us hope that all is not yet loss to greed and hatred.


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