Photo Walk: Praying with Trees

I had to take a walk today.  I had to get out of my office and soak in the sun and rid myself of some of the ugliness that had been clawing at my soul.

The last few weeks have been bad. Not because everything has gone wrong and life has been topsy-turvy, but in soul-killing ways.  I’ve been dealing with too many people who simply aren’t nice and it was making me physically tired.  Like, I-want-to-sleep-to-not-deal-with-people tired.

The “everydayness” of the pettiness and meanness and slights were taking a toll.  No matter how well I let things “roll off my back,” when the assaults are hard, fast, and consistent, tiny slights feel like boulders. They aren’t so easy to roll away.  They just sort of pile up and impede my ability to “move on” or not take things “to heart.”

I found it difficult to shake the mood that was gripping me and dragging me to a dark, dark place. I had to do something, so I “escaped” for a bit.

I didn’t take my camera. I didn’t plan to take photos.  (I had my phone with me out of habit and for security).  I just needed to walk and talk with God for a moment. I needed him to “right” my perspective and reset my mood.  I needed him to expel from my spirit the foulness that was intent on sullying my soul.

After a few steps,  I looked up.

The trees were communing and basking in the warmth of this so-called winter and playing against the clear blue sky.

I paused.

I took a deep, cleansing breath.

I listened.

I allowed God’s Spirit to bathe me and exorcise the yuckiness.

And fill me with good things–things that are lovely, pure, right, and true.

I’m light and airy and my gratitude is floating in the wind, dancing with the trees.



16 thoughts on “Photo Walk: Praying with Trees

  1. gracefulpages says:

    Mean people are the worst. They get enjoyment from making others miserable. Glad you were able to regain clarity and peace. Wishing you a great week!


  2. Parul Thakur says:

    Beautiful pictures. Loved them all. And the best part was looking up and see these trees. Makes me think that when God looks down on the Earth, He sees these trees too. Thank you for sharing the link. See you on the 14th 🙂

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  3. JoAnna says:

    Sometimes we need to get away from the things of man. What good instincts you had to get outside and pray with the trees! And you have lifted up one of the strengths of trees beyond providing oxygen, shade and beauty. They give us perspective and good energy. Thank you for this beautiful post. I’m sending love and peace and prayers that you continue to replenish your strength with nature, prayer and rest.

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