African Masks [Children’s Art]

My son is all better and back in school, but I must say, I was in kiddie art heaven last Thursday while I waited to meet with his teacher to collect the assignments he missed.  The school held its annual art fair and though I didn’t see everything, what I did see was pretty impressive.

I’m in the throes of midterm grading, so I’m just going to share the colorful masks done by my son and his peers in Mrs. Trott’s 5th-6th grade (combined) class.

They all started with a basic mask and added touches that express their personalities.

I love every one of these masks!

The students have been learning about the continent of Africa–its landforms, peoples, histories, and cultures–so I’m sure this was a fun exercise to complement their lessons.

Well, I’m back to grading.  I’ll be back eventually with pics of some of the other art.

Happy Monday!


8 thoughts on “African Masks [Children’s Art]

  1. Martha Slavin says:

    Those masks of your son’s class are so cool! Tell him for me. They would really look great on a wall as a group. I hope they will be displayed some other place than just the schoolroom — town hall? town library? Just a thought.

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Currently, they’re on a wall outside the classroom. I’ll suggest that the teacher place them in the library. Wait till you see some of the other art. I mean…jaw dropping, great stuff for their ages!


    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Wait till you see the actual quilt squares! One class did quilt squares. Unfortunately, I only snapped a few quick shots. I’m hoping they haven’t taken them down and I can capture the rest.


  2. christine brooks says:

    wow, what talent and inspiration. i agree with the other comments, great teacher and memories. more people should see these. yes, and fun quilt squares. thanks for sharing and i look forward to seeing more art


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