Liberate Your Art 2017: “Experiment, Play, Create & Liberate”

The LYA blog hop has begun!

As mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, I participated in Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art swap again.  The swap has been running for seven years. I’d “just missed” the first year when I found out about the swap, but I’ve participated every year since.

This year’s stats:

876 pieces of art liberated
146 artists participating
12 countries
30 US states and territories

The words that make up Kat’s theme, “Experiment, Play, Create, and Liberate,” serve as “clues to an expressive, playful, and free approach to making art.” She encourages participants to “keep those four words with us over the next year as we create and share our art.”

I’m happy to report that I received all six unique pieces of art sent my way. [As usual, April is insanely busy, and I haven’t had a moment to stage and photograph the postcards in my environment, so please forgive me].

“Angles and Lines” by Christopher A. 

My first card came from Christopher of Michigan, a piece of art he created in December 2016. Christopher’s circumstances “made” an artist of him and compelled him to take a minimalist approach to art.  He works with what’s available to him–a pencil and a piece of paper folded to make a straight edge.

He shares a quote that appropriately captures his circumstances and his art:

I’ve wanted to somehow convey to you the sensations–the atmospheric pressure, you might say–of what it is to be seriously a long-term prisoner in an American prison.  –Jack Henry Abbott

A few days later, a little bit of Hong Kong graced my mailbox.  Kris sends “love from Texas,” but as she points out, the scene is clearly not Texas:

“Not Texas” by Kris Mc.

I love everything about this photo–the composition, the tone.  There’s so much story in this image!  You can find more of Kris’s stunning work on her blog, on Instagram, and on Flickr.

Greetings from Gabriola Island (Canada) came next.

“The Road to Cold Mountain,” by Paul T.

Paul had fun creating this piece, entitled “The Road to Cold Mountain.” I find it intriguing.  I’d love to know more about it!

Siobhan sent a calming photo postcard with a clock tower reflected on a rippling river.

“1902 Clock Tower” by Siobhan Wolf

The photo was shot at Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington.  You can find more of Siobhan’s work at Wolf Tales, her blog.  I love her signature line on the card… #bethelove.

Ella sent a whimiscal watercolor.

“Puff” by Ella L.

Ella completed this watercolor a few years ago.  She sends her card with wishes for the “joy of playfulness.” Ella is a freelance illustrator who works with children’s books and poetry among other things. You can find more of her work on her website: Ellapointe Studio.

If you’ve been following along for the last several years, you know Kat’s postcard always ends the swap.

When I retrieved Kat’s card, I had mixed feelings–excitement because the “long anticipated” Kat card arrived, but disappointment because the card meant the end of the swap and I have to wait a year before it comes around again.

Digital Painting by Kat Sloma

Kat surprised me this year.  Instead of sending one of her photos, she sent a colorful digital art piece.  I realize, though, I shouldn’t have been surprised.  She’d been posting digital paintings via IG: kateyeview.  Trees are one of Kat’s favorite things to photograph, so I like how this image pays tribute to one of her favorite subjects.

Thank you Christopher, Kris, Paul, Siobhan, Ella, Kat and all the other wonderful artists who courageously share your art.  Your creativity inspires me!

I am so grateful for you, Kat.  Thank you for consistently, patiently, and meticulously coordinating LYA.  Your work pushes all of us to strive for the best in our work as artists.

Fortunately, side swaps help us liberate even more art.  If you’re interested in swapping away those extras, let me know. I’ll post the postcards I sent on “Microblog Monday.”

If you want to see more “liberated art,” check out the video featuring art from some of the participants. For a more comprehensive view of the exchange, click the tiny blue frog below.


Until next time…create more art!

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  1. Lovely cards and beautiful display, Chandra… I already miss LYA 2017 and am looking forward for the 2018 Session… Big hugs my friend!

  2. Beautiful cards! I love your blog too! I would be interested in a side swap..…… Nice to meet you 🙂

    • Hi Lisa, I think I sent a message to you via FB. I agree the postcards are beautiful! 😉 Thanks for dropping by!

  3. You really did seem to get unusual postcards. I’m always interested to see which ones have been magically attracted to each artist.

  4. Lovely artwork 🙂

  5. suzettedesertskyblue

     /  April 16, 2017

    You received some really unique postcards. There’s so many I haven’t seen before this blog hop. I love the card you sent out as well. I’m looking forward to next time…see you then.

    • Thank you, Suzette! I’ll message you later. I’ve been meaning to check in with you re: your family members. Hugs!

  6. Wonderful group of cards Chandra! Such interesting stories too 🙂 Some of these are new to me, so thanks for sharing them with us. Poor Kat, we all look forward to her card, and don;t at the same time. LOL. Have a great week, be “seeing” you 🙂

  7. Great blog post Chandra. I hadn’t seen most of the cards you received so it was extra nice. This was my first year with LYA and I will be sure to do it again just to see such wonderful art.

    • Welcome! You have already seen how wonderful everyone is, but guess what! It gets better! I’ll be looking for you next year. 😉

  8. Love seeing where they all landed. You received some great cards. 🙂 The dragon one is amazing.

  9. Tammy

     /  April 27, 2017

    Very neat treasures arrived at your doorstep!!! Happy LYA 2017!

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