Don’t be misled by the title–I won’t be giving a lesson on comparatives and superlatives today. 😀

Have you ever shot a photograph that thrilled you?  There’s nothing super spectacular about the photo or the scene even, but shooting it gave you all the “good feels?”

That’s how I feel about a few photos I captured with my iPhone late last week.

Mimosa: Close

I’m not sure why this tree claims my attention. There’s something about the combination of pink and green.  Or maybe it’s the fine wisps that form the featherlike blossoms.

I first noticed the trees several years ago in New Orleans, but I only saw them when I was on the road.  The same thing happened here in Northern Alabama.  I never saw them in a place I could or wanted to stop. . . until last week.

I finally found an opportunity to get up close and personal with the tree when I dropped by my son’s school last week. I glanced up and there was the tree sitting behind the building up a hill!

You know what happened next…

Mimosa: Closer

Now, I see these trees practically everywhere I turn, and my heart does a happy dance whenever I see them.

Mimosa: Closest

To be honest, I’m not even certain what this tree is called.  I read conflicting information about it.  A plant identification app on my phone matched my photo with the Albizia julibrissin, but another website identified the tree as Calliandra surinamensis. The University of Florida’s Gardening Solutions site agreed with the app (Go Gators!).

The tree is commonly called a “mimosa” tree and is native to eastern and southwestern Asia, but flourishes (almost) anywhere it’s planted.  According to UF’s Gardening Solutions site, the mimosa tree is considered an invasive tree and is not recommended for gardening.  The plant that it was mistaken for, Calliandra surinamensis, bears similar blossoms, but is more suited for home gardening.

I’ll continue to appreciate this beautiful tree “from a distance,” photograph them when I can, and play around with the photos in  a few apps. 😉


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Have you photographed anything recently that simply thrilled you?

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  1. Cy

     /  June 12, 2017

    Beautiful pink and green…so vibrant.

  2. Circle of Daydreams

     /  June 13, 2017

    My gosh, they are spectacular. So gorgeous!!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous photos! Must be nice to see this kind of beauty every single day. Do you have the iPhone 7?

    • Thank you! Yes! I have an iPhone 7. It has a really good camera and not just to look at on a screen. They pics print very well too! Very clear, with vibrant colors.

  4. Cherry blossoms at Mount Vernon last year. I dipped under the tree to take the photo so I would have the blue sky in the background.

    The macros of your flowers are my favourites.

    • Thank you! Cherry blossoms! I know your photos are beautiful! I’m still riding high on cherry blossom photos I shot 3 or 4 years ago. I tried to get good ones this year, but the trees didn’t fully blossom (warm winter and confusing weather once we neared spring), so my pics are not the best. Hopefully, next year.

  5. The flowers look great. I also love capturing nature with my phone samsung galaxy.

    • Yes! I read some of your posts today. I loved the photos from today’s post! Unfortunately my comment wouldn’t “stick.”


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