First Day!

Image from Pixabay

I’m amused.

Today was the “first day of school”–the international holiday (of varied dates) for parents everywhere. I laughed at how my son was so excited for this day that he could hardly get to sleep last night. I chuckled over the number of times this morning I had to dodge a preteen in hot pursuit of a sorely missed friend.

I was further tickled by how each group had its own personality: Elementary students super excited and not afraid to show it. The whole body of Middle School cautious, uncertain of the “appropriate” public response–not too little, not too much. High Schoolers, too cool to show any enthusiasm or interest in any of the morning exercises. Student Council openly enjoying their dual role as ambassadors and spirit squad.

Almost everyone was thrilled on the “first day” to see peers, to get back into a regular routine of study and learning, school sports, and so much more.

What amuses me most is that on the “first day,” it seems every child was running toward the school building, buzzing with energy, ready to tackle the year ahead.  But by the last day…

These same children will be running in the opposite direction–arms flying in the air–away from school and friends, drunk on the possibility of two and a half months of freedom. From school.

K-12.  A funny little bunch.

5 thoughts on “First Day!

    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Yes…I’m in prayer for these kids and kids all over the world. Praying, too, that cooler heads and wisdom prevail. On to the other point–one more week of meetings and preparation, then classes begin. Woohoo!


  1. Val_ToWriter says:

    Thank you for liking my St. Andrews blog. There are homes of the heart, aren’t there? Your writing is so upbeat. I enjoyed your reflection on starting school (end ending the year). I was a middle school teacher for years, and as opposed to many in my profession, I loved their quirkiness, their attempts to “find” their personalities and where they belong in their world, their changeability from day to day, and their humor. You have to have a sense of humor to teach children of that age! Good luck to your children with the next year of growing! And you too. Keep writing — you’re good at it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Thank you, Val. That means a lot to me on a sleepy Friday morning. One of my little sisters was a middle school teacher before she passed away (far too soon, breast cancer). Like you, she loved middle schoolers and they (and their parents) loved her to pieces. My son is technically a middle schooler (6th grade), something he’s been looking forward to since he started reading the Wimpy Kid books in first grade. (Middle School at his school, though, is 7th and 8th). I’m experiencing all the wonderful changes right at home. Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed reading your blog. You should return to it–no pressure. 🙂


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