“We Need a Little Silence”

We have had far too much tossed at us the last several days–natural disasters, the escalating rhetoric on race in the U.S., the criticism of peaceful protest while validating violent protest, the invalidation of one the most basic rights of U.S. citizenry, dangerous political venom spewing from heads of state. In response to all of this, Larry K, one of my former students, wrote in the middle of a semi-lengthy Facebook post–

The world needs a little silence.

I feel this need with every fiber of my being as I am struggling to navigate the chaos.

We are assaulted with a barrage of traditional media and social media commentary all day long and we are not filtering and processing. This leaves us burdened. And weary. And (maybe) cowering in a corner.

In my writing courses, I tell my students that whenever we read an article, a social media post, a work of fiction–anything–we are entering a conversation, and with all conversations we must hear/listen, ask questions, respond, and add to the conversation. Conversations should be healthy and productive and should lead to growth in some way, no matter how small. The problem lately is that there’s been a lot of noise but little listening. We’re all talking at the same time and few are hearing the unspoken. And we’re just becoming more and more angry and frustrated. We’re screaming at each other. And the earth is mad and screaming too–through hurricanes, earthquakes , wildfires, and everything else.

We “need a little silence,” Larry says, “like when you’re angry at your mate and you just retreat to your corner.”

We do. We need to walk away from the fight. Retreat–in both senses of the word.

I urge you to take care of your mind and spirit and tune out the noise, regroup, and take strategic steps to filter what is unnecessary, what is not beneficial to your soul.

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  1. A little silence is an understatement. The nation could use a day of silence to gather our thoughts from all that has happened and regroup. Beautiful piece! Insightful student.

  2. Love that thought and you are so right. All we need is some quiet and break from the chaos. beautiful pictures.

  3. I feel the same way. The UK is horrible now too and it scares me. Thankfully I can connect with lovely thoughtful and emotionally open people like yourselves in the blogging community and it has become my place of peace and consolation. And, yes, the pictures are lovely.

  4. Amen to your words! We need silence and prayers!

  5. “Listen to silence”… this is what my Dad used to tell me ❤️

  6. Chandra, you come to my mailbox and I breathe a sigh of relief. Your thoughts and photos leave me more relaxed among the chaos. Thank you!

    • Wow, Martha. That’s such a sweet compliment. Thank you! I feel the same way when I receive a card from you–always so thoughtfully put together.

  7. A little silence is always a time to breathe and restore. Great post!


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