What About the Children?

Photo from Pixabay

I’m having another super busy Monday, but it’s been weighing heavily on my heart to share the powerful message about children and homelessness my sister-friend Takiyah Franklin (Tk) recently recorded.

In sharing why she recorded the song, Tk writes:

The homeless crisis is getting worse . . . and while I want to see more action from [our] city [and state] officials, we the people have to act as well. I definitely don’t have the solution to the housing crisis, but I know I’m not so far removed from the realities of poverty to not care. Music is one way to raise awareness, so I choose to lift my voice as a tool for social justice.

In speaking specifically about the situation in Oakland, California, Tk reminds:

It is our duty to protect the most vulnerable in our society. It is our duty to hold local and state officials accountable for working with the community and the corporations taking over to find solutions to homelessness and poverty.

The song, called “Homeless Children,” is the result of the collaboration between  Dan Zemelman (pianist and co-writer), Albert Greenberg (co-writer), Alberto Hernandez (engineer), Julie Wolf (producer), and Tk (vocal artist).

Click the image to listen to the song:

“Homeless Children” Recording. Photo by Pat Augsburger. Used by Permission.

For more information about childhood homelessness and to find ways you can help, see the following:

Be sure to check out local missions and programs to help with the the homeless crisis in your area.

It is my hope that homeless children–indeed all homeless people–will get the assistance they need  to improve their circumstances on this side of heaven.

2 thoughts on “What About the Children?

  1. Sheila Marie Delgado says:

    Beautiful song, voice, thoughts. Heartbreaking that the problems have only become worse. And why do we send so much money abroad when there are so many needy children in our own country?
    My mom found out, that our area has the highest amount of homeless. So she and my Dad are now working to sign people up in the neighborhood to make monthly food donations to the the food bank. They have quite a few, and have only done a few blocks in the development. 🙂

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      It is indeed heartbreaking and it’s great that your parents are doing their part. I think there’s enough dollars to send abroad and help those here in the USA. We just have to help people relinquish their ideas about “who the homeless are” see the value in helping others.


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