An “African” Christmas Party

“Gateway to Africa Tree”

Every year the university at which I teach hosts an elaborate “themed” Christmas party. Faculty, staff, and administrators dress according to theme, compete for prizes in some cases (like the ugliest sweater contest one year and the talent competition another year). Photo booths, craft stations, excellent music, door prizes, food, and “the envelope” that reveals our Christmas bonus are “staples” of the event. This year there was even a massage station and a cash bonus in addition to our regular bonus!

The team that coordinates the event always does an extraordinary job transforming the university’s skating rink into an amazing reflection of the theme, but this year’s theme, “Gateway to Africa” ousted my former favorite, “New York, New York.” I was thoroughly thrilled when I entered the party yesterday because I love African art and textiles.

Take a look at what I managed to capture [click an image for a closer look]:

The tree was decorated with African flags, fabric, masks, and ornaments in the shape of the continent:

The displays featured African clothing, art, baskets, and other items.

Everything was beautiful!

For faculty, the party marks the beginning of the holiday break. We submit grades on Monday, party Tuesday, and then recuperate from Fall Semester and rest up for January.

And so winter vacation begins…

15 thoughts on “An “African” Christmas Party

  1. Deb Breton says:

    I’m loving this Chandra, so festive!!! The mask ornament top right really speaks to me (maybe a past life thing?). Adore all the happy colors, and would love 1 of those tunics too. And the colorful basket. Oh heck, I’d love to get one of everything!

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  2. Sabine Waldmann-Brun says:

    I am impressed, Chandra! Being in Kenia right now I always forget, that we have adventseason, because there is just nothing reminding me of it except jingle bells here and there and a great jazz variation of joy to the world in the bus to work in the morning, but no decoration at all…

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  3. Sheila Marie Delgado says:

    Oh thanks for sharing with us Chandra. What beautiful creations! love the decorations, fabrics, everything. I love baskets, and African creations are among my favorites. Stunning work 😉 On my trip to San Diego, my friend gave me my Christmas gifts early. And my new treasure is a shallow bowl from Uganda. It is lovely shades of blue and natural. Enjoy Chandra 😉

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