Vision: Looking Ahead

I’m working on being more intentional about improving my photography skills this year, so I’m participating in Dogwood Photography’s 52 Week Photography Challenge 2018. I considered the challenge last year, but wanted to start fresh–at the beginning of the year. So this year, I’m “all in.” I think.

The goal of the challenge is to encourage photographers to push themselves in various ways. Each week we are presented with a prompt that falls under one of five categories–vision, composition, technical, creative, or wild card.

The Week 1 prompt, “Vision: Look Ahead,” falls under the “vision” category, which

is designed to push you to go beyond sight, to insight; to take inspiration and make it a reality. Vision exists in your imagination and is revealed your photographs; expressing something otherwise invisible. Developing a vision for your work is showing to others what you see in your mind’s eye.

The brief description for the prompt reads, “New year. New beginnings. New you. Look ahead. Interpret as you wish.”

Initially, I considered a straight road or path, but felt no connection to the idea. That is certainly not how I’m approaching 2018. The path I’m taking is not straight or sure. I may even have to find another path. I’m not even sure it I’m on a path!

I received some news a few days ago that underscored this reality, so when I was playing around and shooting “ice” last week, the patterns formed in the ice of one frozen fountain in particular provided the material I needed to illustrate my feelings as I consider–or envision–2018.

Ice Vision: Original (No Editing)

I know the ways in which I’d like to grow this year, but for me it’s not a “straight shoot” to December 31, 2018 and all will be well. It doesn’t involve checking a series of things off the to-do list, or taking one step forward right after another on my way to achieving goals.

Nothing is clear at the moment, but I expect to find grooves and curves and dips, and of course areas that are impenetrable (without the proper tools), along with some smooth areas. I also expect to take a few steps backward or to retrace my steps occasionally.

For now, though, I’m stuck or “frozen in place”and incapable of doing anything until I unravel some of my thoughts and figure out how to begin.

Growth is a meandering process, but with time and work, it is inevitable, just like it’s inevitable that the ice will melt–eventually, with the right amount of heat.

[^^^ An edit and some macro views–click an image to get a closer look]

I’m looking forward to the challenge and will often–if not always–share my photo responses to the prompts here on Pics and Posts.

Have a happy week!


17 thoughts on “Vision: Looking Ahead

  1. hollythreesixfive says:

    What i love about this is that you are stuck in ice right now, and don’t know when or how you’ll be moving, or where your path will lead… but you can focus on any part of the ice and see a beautiful unique picture NOW, until the picture changes.

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  2. Mali says:

    Oh good for you. I started it last year, but got overwhelmed with other things and travel. I’d like to do it next year, but this year I’ve started a course, as I feel I need to be confident of the basics first. Though I learned a lot from the Dogwood Challenge Facebook group, and I’m staying a member of that.

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  3. Vinitha says:

    Beautiful clicks. Loved your thoughts about the new year new you. It is never a straightforward process, rather filled with dips, curves and frozen many times which at the end will deliver a better version of us, isn’t it? Wish you all the best for the challenge and a great New Year. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Hi Candace! Great “seeing” you! I’m behind on posting. Not feeling very confident about Week 2’s prompt and I haven’t even attempted this week’s prompt yet. It’s been too cold for outdoors and I’m bored with indoors. LOL! Thank you for your compliment on my “frozen” photos.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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