I dream’d that as I wander’d by the way
Bare Winter suddenly was changed to Spring,
And gentle odours led my steps astray,
Mix’d with a sound of waters murmuring
Along a shelving bank of turf, which lay
Under a copse, and hardly dared to fling
Its green arms round the bosom of the stream,
But kiss’d it and then fled, as Thou mightest in dream.

–Lines 1-8, “A Dream of the Unknown,” Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)

12 thoughts on “Suddenly…Spring

  1. Angela van Son says:

    I had never read this before, thanks for leading me there! I love the last stanza too:

    Methought that of these visionary flowers
    I made a nosegay, bound in such a way
    That the same hues, which in their natural bowers
    Were mingled or opposed, the like array 35
    Kept these imprison’d children of the Hours
    Within my hand,—and then, elate and gay,
    I hasten’d to the spot whence I had come
    That I might there present it—O! to whom?

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Yes! the whole poem! And yes, I debated including the last stanza in the post, but felt only the first stanza spoke to my feelings in the moment of the photo I shot earlier that day (the Dogwood blossoms).

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