Children’s Art: Crayola and Sunshine

My son’s school holds an art fair annually. Every year, I leisurely visit each display–at least twice. I missed the fair this year because I was in Chicago. I was pretty sad about missing out, so you can imagine my surprise when I walked into the school to meet with one of the teachers and found a lot of the art still on the walls! (I’d been told it had all been taken down immediately after the fair).

If that weren’t thrilling enough–I almost passed out with excitement when my eyes beheld the sunflower display of Ms. Middleton’s second grade class.


“Sunflower Wall,” Ms. Middleton’s Second Grade Class

Don’t you want a closer look?

Ms. Middleton’s Sunflower

Here are the kids’ sunflowers–made with crayola, innocence, and loads of sunshine. [Click an image for a closer look]

Aren’t they beautiful? Pretty impressive for second graders, huh? Their sunflowers are certainly better than any I can draw.

If you love sunflowers, stay tuned. I’ve declared this “Sunflower Week” on Pics and Posts!



18 thoughts on “Children’s Art: Crayola and Sunshine

  1. Val van der Poel says:

    A super array of sunshine! It is so nice for the kids to be able to display their work. We are getting ready for a 5 day event here called Focus on Youth. The art display this year is called Artists in our Neighbourhood – Past, Present and Future with the focus on the kid’s work. There is also a music component where individual kids and some classes perform at the high school auditorium. I hope I remember to take photos. Thanks for sharing Chandra

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  2. Christine brooks says:

    Fantastic. What a gift. Super talented little ones. I love them. It would be cool if they printed a package as a fund raiser. I would buy one. Thanks for posting

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