In the Moment Stories

I’ve wanted to blog all week, but “crazy-busy” wouldn’t let me, so after photographing flowers Thursday morning, I opened the Instagram app to post a photo with a few hashtags. Then, I remembered “stories.” I’d never posted a story before, but I discovered immediately that they are perfect for sharing “in the moment” photos or thoughts when a blog post is out of the question:

Like when you’re driving along and the flowers on the side of the road require some time with them.

Or when, at some point during the morning drive, you look up and the sky deserves more than a glance.

Or while you’re sitting in your car waiting for a meeting to start and you notice dogwood blossoms not too far from you, when everywhere else (as far as you know) the blossoms took leave weeks ago.

Moments like these often sit in my camera or on my phone unshared. There are thousands of them (literally). I’ll do better.

I plan to “flesh out” these particular experiences some time soon with more photos (and words), so stay tuned.

Enjoy your weekend!

10 thoughts on “In the Moment Stories

    • Chandra Lynn says:

      One more–I just wrote this to someone else, so I’m copying it to you too. As for an inexpensive camera that gets the job done, my son’s first “non-toy” camera was a Canon Elph. He still has it. That little thing is powerful! It sometimes beats out my DSLR. In fact, it works so much better (sans flash) in low light situations like aquariums and museums. It does great work with macro shots too! The bonus is it’s small and can fit in your purse or pocket without the extra hassle of clunky camera and camera bag (or, as in my case, purse big enough to hold camera). That’s where his came in handy for me. Toting a kid and a big camera, no joke. So you might want to consider the Canon Elph.

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