Vote: New Blog?

My hubby recently uncovered a treasure trove of writings, photographs, and journals from my early life. As I was looking through everything, it seemed a waste to just have things sit in folders and notebooks, unread.

I enjoyed revisiting younger me and reconnecting with her, so I’ve been thinking about starting another blog to allow her to speak–without the intrusions of “present” me.

It is absolutely insane for me to even consider another blog. I have to steal time for this one.  But summer always makes me feel like I can conquer all–including time.

So what do you think? Should my early musings get their own blog? Or should I make it a regular feature–twice monthly, maybe–of my current blog? Or leave it alone altogether?

Vote below.

23 thoughts on “Vote: New Blog?

  1. Robbie Yates says:

    Will you be commenting on your past you’s thoughts and entries? Or letting them stand alone?

    If it’s the former, you could always just blog them on your current blog under a particular tag.

    Either way it sounds very interesting!

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      I agree with you. I just can’t decide if I want to (or should) comment or let them be. Some would have to be stand-alone. Otherwise, I’d get caught up in the “what in the world was I thinking” trap. Thanks for supporting “either way.” 🙂

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  2. hollythreesixfive says:

    Well speaking as someone who has two blogs and absolutely never posts on one…. I’d say add it to your current blog. It isn’t worth the guilt the ignored blog causes! Although I do think you could handle two with little trouble.

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Are you straddling the fence, Holly? LOL. I’d hate to have a neglected blog. In my first few years of blogging, this blog would be neglected from time to time. My biggest issue would be keeping my own “present” voice out of the past. Is that possible? Especially when I respond to comments. It’s probably easier to integrate. That way, I can comment when and how I want. Hmmm…

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  3. Dr. Mon says:

    I vote keep one blog. I have a box of my journals that has moved with us, unopened, three times in our marriage. Perhaps you’ve inspired me to open it. Perhaps lol.

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  4. Mali says:

    Definitely a new blog. It will have its own look, its own feel, you can make it as retro as you like, and you shouldn’t feel you need to clarify or judge what you wrote then, which you might do if you were writing here. So there will be a different freedom – of acknowledging the past but not having to justify it. And the different look may even carry over to how you feel when you post there.

    Then, when you’ve used all or as many of the previous writings as you want, you can convert it via blog-to-book software, and print it off for a hard copy for you to keep. (I did that with a travel blog I kept for five-six months, and highly recommend it.)

    But you could link to new posts here, or simply just copy and repost here. That way you don’t have to try to double post, which can become a bind. (I’m speaking as someone who has three blogs, and knows all about that! )


    • Chandra Lynn says:

      That’s right! You have multiple blogs. How do you do it? I see value in keeping the blogs separate. I just don’t know if I can invest time in two different blogs. The reality is that I’m considering a second blog for another, “more serious,” project. I’ll mull it over a few more days and figure out how to proceed. Thanks so much for your insight.


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