Sunflower Surprise!

About a week ago, my guys and I encountered sunflower fields during an early evening drive. I’m sure you can imagine my reaction. I was giddy. Seriously. I almost jumped out the car while it was moving.

The fields are part of a farm that was closed for the day. We parked. I swooned for a few minutes, zoomed in as much as I could, took a dozen shots, and made a note to start carrying the 300 mm lens.

Fortunately, the farm is only a few minutes away from home, so I plan to visit later this week for a closer look.

“Who’d a thunk it?” Sunflower fields in Northern Alabama. A beautiful surprise.

Get your shades ready. We’re going to have another brilliant week of sunflowers.  🙂

16 thoughts on “Sunflower Surprise!

  1. Mali says:

    I love sunflowers! I was on a search for them in Italy about this time five years ago – and finally found some in a field. Like you, we parked and whipped out my camera!

    I am a little bemused. Farms are closed for the day?

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      I remember reading your blog post about the sunflowers in Italy! Yes, farms closed for the day. These are the farms that are open for picking various fruits and vegetables. I wonder if they allow picking sunflowers too? 😉


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