Let’s Have Fun: TV Moms

I found the postcard below in my file cabinet among a stash of cards purchased at least a decade ago. We should have some fun with it before it finds a new home.

Can you name all seven of these television moms and their shows? Comment below.

TV Moms, Hollywood, 1995. Photograph by David LaChapelle, fotofolio.com

Hint: Their real names (Clockwise from top left): Florence Henderson, Shirley Jones, Marion Ross, June Lockhart, Barbara Billingsley, Jane Wyatt, Esther Rolle).

13 thoughts on “Let’s Have Fun: TV Moms

  1. Sheila Marie Delgado says:

    Carol Brady, The Brady Bunch. Shirley Partridge, The Partridge family. Good times, Florida Evans. Happy Days, Marion Cunningham. Father knows best, Mrs. Anderson. LOL. Can’t make out the other two. Is it Beaver’s mom and Lost in Space mom? Ha ha ha. Sounds like me. Lost in Space. Ha ha ha.

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