Autumn: Brilliant Leaves, Happy Mail, and Seven Reasons Why

Last week the temperatures finally dipped into the 50’s and this morning we woke up to 30’s and a freeze warning. I am excited that autumn has finally made an appearance–in terms of temperature at least. [Note: I live in the South, so temperatures may well be in the upper 80’s or even lower 90’s by the end of the week].

I searched for signs of autumn while taking a short walk last week. There was little indication of the season’s change, but I was elated to find autumn leaves on a favorite Dogwood.

It is delightful watching this tree transition over the months, and though I look forward to the blossoms in spring, its autumn leaves beautifully illustrate why I love the season.

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My penfriend/love notes pal Andrea recently sent a bit of autumn-inspired pocket mail. In the one of the pockets she enclosed a list of six reasons why she loves autumn.  [Click an image for a closer look].

Andrea ended her list by inviting “me” to share why I love the season. Of course, it doesn’t take much to get me to extol the virtues of autumn, so here are [my not necessarily top] seven reasons why autumn is my favorite season:

  1. Changing colors of the trees and foliage–especially now that I live in a place where I can see the brilliance of the season
  2. Milder temperatures–long-awaited relief from the oppressive southern summer and a short break from budget-busting utilities bills
  3. Boots and sweaters
  4. Hot chocolate/cocoa and popcorn [yum!]
  5. October–the best month of all!
  6. My new favorite throw [a birthday gift from a new friend]–chocolate brown, leaf embossed, plush–perfect for movie nights
  7. Pumpkin everything–except I’m not too impressed with Krispy Kreme’s pumpkin cake donut. It would be soooo much better if they’d lose the sugar/glaze on top

How about you? What do you love about autumn?

[Also, linking up with Dawn of The Day After in the Festival of Leaves photo challenge]

10 thoughts on “Autumn: Brilliant Leaves, Happy Mail, and Seven Reasons Why

    • Chandra Lynn says:

      The air here is not usually “crisp,” but it’s significantly cooler than summer. I’ll take 70’s over 90’s any day! For the last week or so, our high has been in the upper 60’s with sunshine, so it’s been really nice. And yes, to the camaraderie of like minds!

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  1. franhunne4u says:

    1. pumpkins and squash are allright with me – from cakes (where they keep the cake moist like carrots) to pumpkin soup (once a year obligatory) to pumpkin risotto (had it once and it was delightful) to potato salad with roasted pumpkin … Even pumpkin seeds on rolls and bread are very welcome.
    2. The cold is refreshing – and we urgently need more rain here. So fall hopefully will see to it that our nice green country does not completely dry up.
    3. My favourite orange jacket.
    4. Less moths/fruit flies
    5. Soft duvet covers.
    6. Christmas sweets *I start eating those after my birthday in mid-September*
    7. Crafting a goth-advent-calendar for my cousin.

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  2. mimionlife says:

    I enjoy the cooler temperatures. When we lived in Virginia, we always had cool to cold temperatures in fall and winter. Now, living in South Carolina, we have had warm and hot temperatures until this week. My husband and I adapted quickly to the changes in weather. 63 degrees is cold to us now. hahahahah! Have a blessed day!

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Hahaha! After these southern summers, though, 63 is perfect–especially when the sun is shining. I’m not sure if I could survive the cold of Virginia. I’d probably live winter like I treat summers here in AL–INDOORS. 😀 Have a blessed week, friend!

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