The View From My Window


The View from My Office Window

My favorite journey is looking out the window. –Edward Gorey

Today was one of those days. Icky. Gloomy. Wet. It rained the entire drive into work, so by the time I arrived [a little earlier than usual], I just wanted to sit at the window till the end of the day and watch autumn happen. The view of campus from my office is always delightful, but autumn brings a whole new level of stunning that tempts me to neglect the long to do list.

No giving in to temptation today though. With only five days of instruction left, grading and classes demanded time and attention.

Some days, it seems there’s no time to think as I rush from one task, event, or meeting to another, so a stolen moment here and there to look out windows can make a world of difference in my attitude and level of productivity. While I’m gazing, I’m thinking thoughts, mulling over, working things out, or allowing my mind to roam, but I’m also listening for direction, confirmation, presence. The moments are sanity-saving, a way to push away all the other stuff, tune inward and repair–when necessary–without totally checking out.

What do you do when time and tasks work against your desire to just be?

Linking up with Dawn of The Day After in the Festival of Leaves photo challenge.

24 thoughts on “The View From My Window

  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt says:

    Truly your office view? Gorgeous! Maybe the next assignment for your students could be to come to your office, look, then reflect on what they see and how it impacts their lives. Me? Makes me grateful to be able to see this lovely autumn day, even if just from your window on the blog.

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      They don’t even have to come to my office. They walk in this gorgeousness every day and don’t notice it. But you’ve given me a great assignment idea. Yesterday, after I made (yet another) reference to a work my Brit Lit students hadn’t read, they told me that even though they do read, they probably don’t read as much as I read at their age because I didn’t have iPhones and Netflix–screens 24-7. They were right. They have things vying for their attention that I can’t imagine and have to exercise discipline and self-control in ways I didn’t have to. But I will challenge them to put their phones away for a whole day and consider the trees as they navigate campus. Let’s see what happens.


  2. Ty4Thoughts says:

    I do art for however long it takes for me to not feel overwhelmed.. my roommate comes in and asks.. “how are you done w everything?”.. I reply honestly, “I’m not..” then she’ll ask, “then how do you have time to be doing art??” I smile, shrug, continue creating and calmly reply, “I don’t.” 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
    Sometimes you just have to make time to enjoy life.. its too short to not enjoy because “life” demands every second of your time and attention.

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