Private Parking | #WordlessWednesday

I’m linking up with The Sky Girl and Natasha Musing for #WordlessWednesday, which provides an opportunity to share photos without words. In response to the confusion I noted in last week’s #WordlessWednesday, Natasha explained why “Wordless Wednesday” is often wordy. She explained that participants like to share the back story, but it’s not necessary. And since it isn’t, I’ll let you choose the words. 😉

9 thoughts on “Private Parking | #WordlessWednesday

    • Chandra Lynn says:

      There really is no story here–at least for me. It was a bike sitting in a deserted parking lot. It was the weekend, so I figure, it belonged to someone who worked in the area (downtown H-ville). The bike itself didn’t look abandoned, but the parking lot did…somewhat.

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  1. Natasha says:

    This is a quintessential shot with myriad story ideas. I love the lighting and they casual way the bicycle lies resting against the wall.

    Thank you for linking up with us at #WW. 🙂 Happy Wednesday and a wondrous week ahead!

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