Let It Snow!

“Let It Snow,” Photo by Diane W (midteacher)

My students are tired; my colleagues are tired; and I am certainly tired. I can’t figure out why we’re all so exhausted less than three weeks into spring semester, but we are and we need a little break.

After a preview of this week’s weather, my son and I started praying for a snow day Friday–literally. Today, I enlisted the students and a couple of my colleagues.

In preparation for the “inclement weather” announcement that was sure to come, I stopped by Publix for “essential” snow day supplies. As I shopped, I was heartened by the bubbly energy of other teachers and professors exchanging quiet “hallelujahs” for the unplanned day off. Finally, moments after arriving home, the announcement came: “Classes cancelled.” I heard the collective shout of the students 15 miles away.

In anticipation of snow, I’m sharing some wintry mail from Michigan for this Microblog Monday.

I received the elegant winter-themed envelope from Diane W. (midteacher on swap-bot) a week or so ago; it remained unopened for days because I didn’t want to disturb the pretty.

Don’t you agree?

Here’s a closer look at some of the details:

Diane even “fancied up” the back:

There were about 10 photos tucked inside the pockets of the handmade envelope and a letter detailing the experience of her last photo walk of 2018.

With a piping hot mug of tea (posed above) Diane braved the cold and snapped photos of her “garden in its winter coat with fallen leaves still scattered from the old oak tree guarding the garden.”

I love every photo she included in the envelope, but, in addition to the mug, here are my favorites.

A snow-cushioned chair that invited her to “sit for a spell” [she declined]:

“Snow Covered Chair,” Photo by Diane W. [midteacher]

Leaves “still hanging on the raspberry bushes curled with a hint of green in the centers.” They look [to me] like two birds having a conversation. Diane enclosed the color and black and white versions of the photo. I have a thing for black and white, so…

“Birds Talking,” Photo by Diane W. [midteacher]

Dried globe thistle “donning caps of snow crystals.”

“Snow-capped Thistles,” Photo by Diane W. [midteacher]

I know snow days are not simply fun and games for everyone, so though I am looking forward to a needed day to rest and get caught up on a few things (perhaps?), my thoughts and prayers are also with those who will have to deal with the worst of the storm.

Stay dry. Stay warm. Stay safe.

10 thoughts on “Let It Snow!

  1. Christine Brooks says:

    prayers work. Stay safe and warm. I hope you will feel top notch soon. It has been a tiring January. I pray February will bring calm and rest. Beautiful photo and what a glorious envelope. Well deserved my friend. Enjoy


  2. Sheila Delgado says:

    I think there is a tired bug going around. I have heard the same, from a few different states. It’s here as well ;o(
    Love the snow caps. And WOW! I would not have wanted to mess up the pretty either. Gorgeous package 🙂 Feel better, and bright eyed 😉


  3. Lona Gynt says:

    Well here in Huntsville, we didn’t get much of the stuff, none really except on top of Monte Sano, a dusting. I had cancelled my clinic… and that was expensive… but it will work out, it’s nice to read, and to have awakened due to natural causes this morning, peace in the heart, and a dream poignant. even wrote a poem. I agree… Let it Snow, but preferably on a weekend, I have bills. hehe 🙂


    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Yes! And the creator of that one recently sent me another gorgeous envelope filled with gorgeousness. I haven’t figured out how to share it because I want blog readers to experience the fullness of its beauty!

      Liked by 1 person

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