Three Days, No Rain [Yay!] | #WordlessWednesday

Only a select few are able to see the true beauty that lies behind what just might seem like a rainy day or a grey sky. –Jessica M. Laar

There’s been so much rainfall in our region this year that [to thrive and get things done] I had to reimagine rainy days. Instead of seeing the dull, gray skies and the muddy puddles [read: ponds] everywhere, I saw the brilliant spring that is sure come. This photo, captured a couple of weeks ago, represents that reimagining. [The pink blossoms/leaves in the trees and shrubbery and on the ground and umbrellas do not exist in the original photo].

Fortunately, we’ve had three sunny days this week. Though the rain is on its way again, for now, I’m enjoying the warmth of the actual sun.

20 thoughts on “Three Days, No Rain [Yay!] | #WordlessWednesday

  1. Esha M Dutta says:

    Love the way you’ve imagined the rainy days. The embellishments heighten the beauty in this picture. Thank you for joining us for #ww this week, Chandra. In my growing up years in the hills, I saw too much rain, and now, I absolutely love sunny days because they make me cheerful so I can completely understand how you feel! Wishing you many more of those sunny ones. Have a lovely rest of the week. 🙂

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Too many rainy, gloomy days affect my mood and productivity. That’s why I had to convince myself to think differently. Life doesn’t stop, so we have to keep rolling with it. Hope your week is going well!


  2. Natasha says:

    Dear Chandra,

    Gosh! This is the most stunning image I have seen today. You had me bowled over, and also by the quote.

    Who’s the artist? Some talent really.

    Thank you for joining us for #WW with yet another post. Wonder if I ever told you before, but I am a big fan of your writing.

    Have a cheery week ahead!

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Wow. That’s a nice compliment. The image is mine–edited of course. Thank you for liking it so much. I missed WW this week. I’ve just been so exhausted. I actually wrote the post Wednesday morning and forgot to post it. But that just means I’ll be ready for next week. Right?

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      • Natasha says:

        Hey Chandra,

        Our linky is open till coming Tuesday, so you can post anytime before.

        Love your art. More power to you.
        Did you do it as a digital version? Or do you do it on hand and then digitalise it. No clue how this works.
        I love art too and taking my small steps these days. 😊


  3. the bespectacled mother says:

    That’s a beautiful picture. I cannot imagine it to be an edited photograph. To me, it is a painting. A long spell of rainy days and the trouble it brings is a thing I can understand very well. We, in England, have experienced so many Atlantic storms over the last few months that gray skies, gales, pouring clouds have become my own nature by now. Thankfully, I do not venture out of the house as much except for the school runs. And, of course, spring is already on the way with a few trees already blooming with flowers.

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Yes. Normally, I stay indoors during the rainy spells, but it’s rained so much this winter I had no choice but to get out and do the things I normally do. Here’s to a warmer and dryer spring…


      • Lona Gynt says:

        Right, I was going to see if the bluebells are out on the Sinks trail tomorrow, my 15 year old was even coming with me, a rare concession on her part, but I am concerned it will be too cool and a tad early for the full bluebell glory, but nothing ventured nothing gained, right?


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