#ThursdayTreeLove | “The Breath of the Cherry Blossoms”

It’s time for our first “tree love” post of May! Today, I’m sharing what I consider the crowning glory of spring–cherry blossoms!

I really should have written this post weeks ago when I had a little more energy, but I was so excited about the cherry blossoms that I couldn’t imagine being too tired for words for this particular post.

The cherry blossoms are usually the last to bloom on campus, but this year, they shot open at the same time as the dogwoods. In fact, things were so out of order that the redbuds–which normally bloom way before the cherry blossoms–were still in full bloom.

There are three trees that line one of the paths I walk frequently on campus, so I was pretty thrilled to spend time capturing them. In fact, I shot way more than 100 cherry blossom photos on two very different days–a cloudy day and a sunny day.

I did my best and whittled my selection down to 15 + a bonus post-blossoms iPhone photo. Still too many, but I hope you will enjoy them with a spot of tea and Toi Derricotte’s poem, “Cherry blossoms.”

I went down to
mingle my breath
with the breath
of the cherry blossoms.

There were photographers:
Mothers arranging their
children against
gnarled old trees;

a couple, hugging,
asks a passerby
to snap them
like that,
so that their love
will always be caught
between two friendships:

ours & the friendship
of the cherry trees.

Oh Cherry,
why can’t my poems
be as beautiful?

A young woman in a fur-trimmed
coat sets a card table
with linens, candles,
a picnic basket & wine.

A father tips
a boy’s wheelchair back
so he can gaze
up at a branched

All around us
the blossoms
flurry down

Be patient
you have an ancient beauty.

Be patient
you have an ancient beauty.

My favorite lens is a little wonky, so I wasn’t able to get the crisp shots I wanted, but even though these aren’t the best images, I love the bokeh in many of the photos.

Cherry blossom life is pretty short, so I wasn’t surprised to find a blanket of blossoms on the ground one rainy morning just a few days later.

For more blossom love, check out this beautiful time-lapse video from Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

I am joining Parul Thakur for #ThursdayTreeLove every second and fourth Thursday of the month. If you would like to play along, post a picture of a tree on your blog and link it back to her latest #treelove post.

27 thoughts on “#ThursdayTreeLove | “The Breath of the Cherry Blossoms”

    • Kat, aka "ArtyKat" says:

      Your photos are beautiful, Chandra! I loved the poem as well. The one that absolutely appealed to me the most was the one right above the poem’s beginning.
      I would like to ask you for a favor. I supported a lovely child from age 6 until 22 in Kenya, (through Compassion.com ) and she is on her own now. I have been her mother from day one—her decision! I love to share nearly daily emails to her with beauty in them. I’d like to send her that photo (by saving the image and sending it on to her). Would you approve of that? She has started her own hair styling salon and tapes pictures on her wall. I know that she would have it printed and put on her wall.
      I know this is a long comment, and I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Chandra Lynn says:

        Thank you, Kat! I can do one better. If you use the contact form and send me her address (or yours), I’ll send some prints for her to enjoy and place on her shop walls.


  1. Parul Thakur says:

    Breathtaking shots, Chandra. So beautiful that I don’t have words to thank you for sharing. I have only seen Cherry Blossoms in pictures and this post will remain in my memory for the long time. Even the video was great but honestly, no match to your pictures.

    I also think your campus is very beautiful. 🙂 See you on the 23rd.

    Liked by 1 person

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