Doodle Flowers: Show Me Your Art

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. –Twyla Tharp

I’ve mentioned–on numerous occasions–I’m not an artist, but I’ve been playing around with my few art supplies lately, enjoying the feel of ink and colored pencils on the pages of a hardly used sketch journal tossed out by a friend.

This summer has not been the easy, relaxed summer I need, so I have been doodling as part of my morning meditation and at other times when I feel overwhelmed. It has been a pleasant way to take a “time out” from the demands on my time.

This isn’t art for show, really. I do it for myself–encouraged by the wonderful artists I’ve met through blogging, like Deb Breton, Sheila Delgado, and Holly M. In fact, I did not intend to share today. However, Laurie of Color Poems requested that I share–in response to my comment that I doodled flowers similar to her “scribble flowers.” I must oblige, of course!

So, here are my [original] doodle flowers.

I really wanted to watercolor the background, but since I can find neither my watercolor paper nor pencils, I just doodled them in the sketchpad. I used a couple of apps to add background and brighten the colors. The result is the first image in the post.

How about you? Do you ever draw or color while meditating? Or to relieve stress?  I’d love to see your work!  Share something on your blog and share the link in the comments. Pretty please.

Be sure to take a time out with some ink or paint or crayons this week.

30 thoughts on “Doodle Flowers: Show Me Your Art

  1. Sheila Delgado says:

    I love your sweet doodles Chandra 🙂 Love them “au natural”, sweet and slightly rustic 🙂 The enhanced version makes me think of balloons on the loose, floating in a happy sky 🙂
    Stop calling yourself not an artist. YOU ARE. These are fun and carefree, and make me happy. They almost look as if they are waving hello 😉
    I don’t doodle enough, but I do find myself “lost” in the moment when I do. At your request, here is a link to a recent doodle of sorts. mark making… same thing? (Scroll down to see the smaller piece.)
    Thanks for sharing the links, and for the shout out 🙂 Blessings my artistic friend!

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  2. franhunne4u says:

    I like your doodle.
    I doodle when I sit in a meeting and the boss gets on and on about some minor item, which is of no special interest to my field of work. Not always, but now and then. Sometimes faces, sometimes just non figuratively. Sometimes cats.

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  3. hollythreesixfive says:

    These are lovely. You really ARE an artist, and in many other ways besides doodling. I’d be proud to post this doodle on my blog if I’d painted it. 🙂 I even like the original better than the one with the pretty background! (Thank you for mentioning me, too!)

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  4. Claire 'Word by Word' says:

    I like the original one too, the muted background beige allows the flowers to be the main focus, it’s easier to look at – more relaxing even! I try not to do anything when I do my morning meditation, it opens the way for epiphany’s or new ideas to come in.

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Thank you for appreciating the original. I’ve been doodling as a way to process thoughts and digest what I’ve read. I’m not really “concentrating” on getting the doodle right or on creating a masterpiece. Something about moving my hands helps, especially when I’m really stressed and distracted, as I was the last few weeks.

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  5. ourlittleredhouseblog says:

    This is really pretty and soft looking. I do doodle now and then. I will have to try to send something back to you with a link back to your site. I’ll try to include that in my monthly updates I like to post. I love the colors you used in your doodle too. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

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  6. Felipe Adan Lerma says:

    I do like them both, but still gravitate to the pulse of color in the top one. Your doodles are fun, and your digital rendition just as lovely, Chandra 😊 I don’t doodle like I’d like, but once in awhile, usually with the 6 year old grandson; it takes on a whole new meaning! 😊

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