Our Hearts Unhinged…

“Non-violence.” Photo by Louise Mamet, Caen WWII Memorial.

A few years ago, following the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, President Obama said “our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” His argument was that we must back up our prayers with action–legislation that makes it difficult for individuals to purchase the type of weapons that can enact a massacre in seconds.

“Thoughts and prayers,” was again the trite refrain following two mass shootings in the United States this weekend. But neither thoughts and prayers nor legislation are enough. Sadly, no gun legislation will prevent hate and misdirected anger; determined people will always find a way to accomplish their nefarious goals.

As a nation we must do soul work. “Faith without works is dead,” so God to Whom we direct our prayers expects us to do the work. We must wrestle with the ugly truths that are part of who we are, that make such actions possible.

We must unearth the thing in people’s hearts that breeds thoughts that result in wanton disregard for life. We must work to transform individuals and the soul of our nation from the inside out.

We’re weary, yes, but from the weariness we must find a different path.

This year, we’ve done laps around despair;
and we’ve grown tired of running in circles
so we stepped off the track and began to walk.
As the earth shifted beneath our feet,
we moved forward together. Our hearts
unhinged, guide us toward a [nation]
remade by love, into a future
that our past could never have imagined,
beginning today.

Excerpt from “Reimagining History,” by Marcus Amaker and Marjory Wentworth for the 2016 Charleston Mayoral Inauguration.

About the image: Today’s image was shot by my photographer friend Louise Mamet at the Caen WWII Memorial in Normandy. Thank you for the use of your image, Louise!


17 thoughts on “Our Hearts Unhinged…

  1. revruss1220 says:

    Yes. Right on target. I cannot help but think that “the thing in people’s hearts…” that yields mass killings might well be the same thing that results in the epic rates of suicide and drug addiction happening today.

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  2. godtisx says:

    Thank-you for your post on this Chandra. It is a clear strong response, and I am grateful to find a discourse on this on here. It’s important. And reminds me of just what you said, that we all can do something and must. Prayer definitely changes things, but we need all kinds of hands on deck with this one.

    May all the victims rest in peace…

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  3. Mali says:

    I feel for you – and for all of us, because this violence came to our country this year too. The lack of action in your country infuriates me. The way people abdicate all responsibility for it – yet (as you say) if everyone acted and said, “enough!” they could make it stop.

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