Beautiful You…

What a beautiful creation you must see when you look into the mirror. You are truly such a blessing.
–Nicole Addison, @THEPOWERWITHIN, Tumblr

The beautiful card above was made [and sent to me] by my blogging/Love Notes friend, Martha S. I’m sharing it with you because you need to know you’re beautiful too.

6 thoughts on “Beautiful You…

    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Thanks, Mali! As for Love Notes, did you join the Facebook group? Jennifer organizes the quarterly swap–assigning partners and sending prompts–but it’s in the FB group that we forge those regular postcard/pen pal relationships. You might pop in and say, “Hey! I’m new here and am looking for some new postcard friends.” Immediately, you’ll get some feedback and requests for your address. There’s a strong core group that keeps the postcards winging across the miles.


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