John Lewis, after arrest in Mississippi, 1961. He served 37 days in Parchman Penitentiary for ‘disorderly conduct”–using a restroom reserved for whites.

When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation, a mission, and a mandate to stand up, to speak up and speak out, and get in the way, get in trouble, good trouble, necessary trouble [and help redeem the soul of America].  –Congressman John Lewis (February 21, 1940-July 17, 2020).

22 thoughts on “#GoodTrouble

  1. Jose L. Gonzalez says:

    John Lewis made it possible for MANY PEOPLE to have a BETTER CHANCE of achieving the AMERICAN DREAM, and not just black Americans, but also Latinos such as myself and people from ALL RACIAL and ETHNIC GROUPS! I have heard many quotes from John Lewis that I love, including, of course, “…get in GOOD TROUBLE, NECESSARY TROUBLE.” , but ONE QUOTE that stands out and up ABOVE the rest is, “IF NOT US, THEN WHO? IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN?”

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  2. Jose L. Gonzalez says:

    “If not US, then WHO? If now NOW, then WHEN?” These are the words of John Lewis that have INSPIRED ME and MANY OTHER PEOPLE, both MEN and WOMEN, to TAKE A STAND for RIGHTEOUSNESS, even if it POTENTIALLY could cause us to experience PERSECUTION.

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  3. Jose L. Gonzalez says:

    Some days back, I watched a photo/video of John Lewis looking out over the BLACK LIVES MATTER PLAZA/WRITING in Washington D.C. and also, at about the same time, I saw video of John Lewis hearse/funeral procession making it’s way down that same BLACK LIVES MATTER PLAZA and, it seems to me, that JOHN LEWIS WAS PASSING THE BATON, THE RESPONSIBILITY of the BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT to a NEW GENERATION, to the YOUNG PEOPLE of TODAY. I also remember reading somewhere on the Internet that John Lewis was ailing/sick when he looked out over the BLACK LIVES MATTER PLAZA in Washington D.C., and that he WAS ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL the NEXT DAY, but that John Lewis felt it was IMIPORTANT that he look out over the BLACK LIVES MATTER PLAZA, feeling that he had left the CIVIL RIGHTS/BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT in GOOD HANDS, the HANDS of a NEW GENERATION of YOUNG PEOPLE.


  4. Jose L. Gonzalez says:

    I know one of the young people that John Lewis passed the baton/responsibility of STANDING for RIGHTEOUSNESS/CIVIL RIGHTS to is Colin Kaepernick. As usual, that opposition accused Kaepernick and others like him, who take a knee during the national anthem of being UNPATRIOTIC, of HATING AMERICA, but the EXACT OPPOSITE IS TRUE: it is because he is a TRUE PATRIOT and LOVES AMERICA, that Kaepernick and others like him engage in NONVIOLENT PROTESTS of DIFFERENT TYPES to bring ATTENTION to the INJUSTICES in AMERICA, because they LOVE AMERICA and want to MAKE AMERICA INTO A BETTER NATION, A RIGHTEOUS NATION, where ALL of AMERICA’S citizens will have a “LEVEL PLAYING FIELD”, of EQUAL RIGHTS/EQUAL PAY for the same work, regardless of color, gender or ethnic group, and, of course, EQUAL JUSTICE AND DUE PROCESS UNDER THE LAW.

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  5. Jose L. Gonzalez says:

    Colin Kaepernick paid a HEAVY PRICE for STANDING UP for RIGHTEOUSNESS, by TAKING A KNEE during the national anthem. He was essentially BLACKLISTED, to such an extent, that almost NO NFL TEAM wants to hire him, viewing him as some sort of “HOT POTATO” that you don’t want to get your hands on. But I ADMIRE and LOOK UP TO Colin Kaepernick and will seek to STAND UP for RIGHTEOUSNESS, just like Kaepernick and John Lewis did, even if it causes me to be “BLACKLISTED” or “BROWNLISTED” or whatever you want to call it. As for the CHANGES that the NFL SAYS that they have made to make the NFL better place/a better work environment for EVERYONE CONCERNED, whether players or owners or other staff/workers, I’ll BELIEVE IT IS TRUE ONLY WHEN I SEE COLIN KAEPERNICK RESTORED to his RIGHTFUL PLACE as a GOOD TEAM PLAYER in the NFL.

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  6. Jose L. Gonzalez says:

    Thank you for your kind comments on my posts, Chandra. I leave you for tonight with this scripture from the WORD of GOD:
    “RIGHTEOUSNESS exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” (PROVERBS 14:34)


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