Like Him…

A person who claims to be continuing in union with Him ought to conduct his [her] life the way He did. —1 John 2:6 CJB

This morning as I was meditating on 1 John 2:6, I was struck by all that it means to live in union with Christ and to live as He lived while He walked this earth. I usually journal my explanations  and/or responses to scriptural passages, but instead of paragraphs, a list rolled onto the page.

Live in Him = live like Him.
Live in Him = speak like Him.
Live in Him = walk like Him.
Live in Him = listen like Him.
Live in Him = trust like Him.
Live in Him = pray like Him.
Live in Him = worship like Him.
Live in Him = heal like Him.
Live in Him = share like Him.
Live in Him = empathize like Him.
Live in Him = give like Him.
Live in Him = think like Him.
Live in Him = challenge like Him.
Live in Him = serve like Him.
Live in Him = shine like Him.
Live in Him = love like Him.

This is where my pen stopped, but I’m sure I’d have no problem adding more acts to this list. And that’s just it–this is a list of action verbs! Can you imagine how long [and daunting] this list would be if I had added stative verbs?

Walking in complete union with Christ is work. We are imperfect, fallible beings, so even if this work isn’t impossible, it is certainly exhausting! It is challenging to love and shine like Him when we add all the variables of our daily encounters with others.

But doing this work is worth it!

Through such soul work and through “living in Him,” we are crafted into His likeness, and that is a beautiful thing.

About the Images: I captured the sunset sky images above last month and shared them on Instagram. They “wanted” to be shared here on Pics and Posts too. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Like Him…

  1. Elle Arra says:

    Beautifully said and gorgeous photos. Yes, it is a challenge to live like Him and He knew it would be and has comforted us with Philippians 2:13 “it is God who causes us both to will and to do of His good pleasure.” We can’t even will to do right without Him in us causing us to. It does take work on our part too, like you said. We have to exercise the fruits of the Spirit. Great post 🙏🏽

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  2. Natasha Sinha says:

    Even if we can strive to be a bit like Christ, the Buddha or the Prophet our lives would be so worthwhile.
    Yes it can sometimes just get exhausting as a human trying to emulate and am race all things good. We do tend to feel vulnerable, spiteful and resentful all at the same time. But in those moments these hymns and life lessons are a wonderful reminder to stay afloat.

    Your posts always resonate. I’m also working on thinking more verbs than adjectives.
    Life is not always a bunch of adjectives but more act driven.

    Lovely piece my dear friend and as always a pleasure to see you on #NatashaMusing with #WW

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