Moulin Rouge: My Bit of Autumn Heaven

The Moulin Rouge

I have always wondered if heaven captures a
time in our lives when we were the happiest
and most content. One that mirrored the
moment in time when [we] were in complete
and utter love and at peace. And I would
like to think that I would spend eternity
amid a late-October day with laughter
echoing across a long-awaited cool breeze.
Crisp ombré leaves will dance in
celebration as the rusty gates of my heart
open upon candy-corn kisses. 

–“Autumn Heaven” by Alfa Holden [alfa.poet]

Can we pause the madness of our coronavirus pandemic, pre-election existence to consider the understated beauty of late October?

I cannot get enough of the breezy-sunshine days. I’ve even begun taking walks during Zoom meetings that don’t require my explicit input.

This past weekend the weather was irresistibly perfect, so my guys and I went out to Scott’s Orchard to pick apples. When we arrived [mid-afternoon], the lines were long, and the trailer transporting people into the orchard was packed, with no social distancing measures in place. Everyone was masked, but we passed on the apple-picking and purchased some “already picked” and sinfully delicious apples.

So what did we do instead? We basked in the sunflowers!

A small sunflower field lining the entrance to the orchard beckoned and we heeded the call. There were many varieties of sunflowers, and the strong dose of sunflowers was so good for my soul.  I have many more sunflowers to share, but the bit of gorgeousness that leads this post left me speechless. I’ve seen the Moulin Rouge sunflower in photos, but to see it in person is another thing altogether.

Talk about a bit of autumn heaven!

If you love sunflowers half as much as I do, stay tuned. I have loads of sunflower love to share–the ones I shot a few days ago and the many, many, many I obsessively shot during the summer from the mini-field my guys planted outside my home office window. Who knows? Maybe, I’ll start 2021 with a month of sunflowers!

Until then, find a little heaven in this autumn beauty…

32 thoughts on “Moulin Rouge: My Bit of Autumn Heaven

  1. Ellen Hawley says:

    They’re beautiful. Back when we lived in Minnesota, we grew sunflowers in an L around the area where I parked my car. They turned out to be 8 to 10 feet tall, with blossoms the size of huge dinner plates. I felt like I was parking in a forest. Then the seeds ripened and flocks of goldfinches descended on them.

    We never quite managed that again, but what a fall that was.

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  2. K E Garland says:

    First of all, I’ve never heard of this type of sunflower! It’s beautiful Also, “I’ve even begun taking walks during Zoom meetings that don’t require my explicit input,” there we go! I’m high-fiving you.

    A group of friends and I do a virtual happy hour. During these, I have turned off my camera and taken a walk, or washed my clothes, or sat on my patio…It’s funny how we forget the choices we have.

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  3. Natasha says:

    I am floored! Lost for words. What an enticing beauty and the soulful poetry to boot. Thanks for taking us for this heady walk, dear Chandra. I can’t wait to see the other sunflower posts and guess what; I have some wild sunflowers for you this #WW.

    I’ll be live in a few hours. See you around.

    Love and sunshine. 🙂

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