Oh Deer! [Knowing When to Take a Break]

Deer Art

I had the perfect blog theme for the week, but ugh, after work and people and pandemic issues all day long, my energy was too low for even the things I enjoy. I whined (sometimes inwardly) all week about needing time to just cut paper and glue something. I dreamed of quiet evenings for just that, but after hardly seeing people for 17-18 months, my being around people and talking all day long was draining in all caps. My evenings were spent resting (read: sleeping) and completing very few of the daily tasks of home life.

Of course, I took “micro-breaks” when absolutely necessary: I cut pretty artwork out of a book wrapper on its way to the trash bin while speaking with a colleague. I captured trees and flowers with my phone camera while I walked to meetings or lunch. I doodled sunflowers during in-person meetings, phone calls, and work sessions. I worked on photo edits during Zoom meetings.

The micro-breaks were [are] lifesaving, but the reality is my body and soul need more. So, when my friend and colleague Lisa asked me yesterday “What are you doing to take care of yourself?,” I immediately felt the guilt of not practicing what I preach regarding self-care during these Corona times.  

I had convinced myself that “if I can just get through this week,” I’ll be able to get to a place where I can take a “time out” daily. I’ve been saying that for three or four weeks now. I haven’t taken a photo or nature walk in a good while. Even worse, I haven’t picked up my actual camera to take a shot since the end of last month! That’s almost three weeks! Let’s not talk about the unwritten poetry, prose, letters, and postcard designs dancing in my head, or the great books waiting to be read and the movement my body needs!

I mindlessly opened Instagram early this morning and Beth Moore’s words grabbed my attention. The post drove the point of Lisa’s question home for me. 

Know when to take a break, y’all. This world’s a heartbreaking, baffling, demoralizing ball of fire right now. We’re not God. We can pray and give and speak and act. But we can’t carry all of this 24/7. It’s too heavy for us. It’s not going to give us a time out. We have to take it!

This world is “a lot,” and all that negative energy mingling with all the good stuff can create a chaotic stew inside our minds and bodies. Those breaks Moore encourages help shift and purge the energy. So my silly photo edit with the deer poking its tongue at me? That’s me—knowing when to take a break and poking my tongue at all the things that will have to wait. 

Have a safe and happy weekend…

10 thoughts on “Oh Deer! [Knowing When to Take a Break]

  1. Sheila Marie Delgado says:

    Opening your email made me smile. Thank you for that Chandra. :o)
    I hope you have an amazing weekend, and that you can carve some time for yourself. (And your guys.)
    I love that quote, and I am saving it. So true. And a thought just came to me. That we, (me, my Mom, my aunts, friends), are all making busy work for ourselves. We all have projects going on. And are slightly compulsive about them. It’s as if, we need to keep busy to prove something. That we are coping, and handling all the weirdness well. To prove we are not depressed. (no really, I’m just tired because I’ve been so busy. LOL) I have not spoken with them about this. But we are all talking about how exhausted we are. And when I think about it, it has been months now. It’s the stress, the uncertainty. This big dark cloud hovering over all of us. Maybe it is just that we need a distraction from all of the horrific happenings.
    Thank you for this post, for sharing, and for using some of your precious time to bring joy to our day.
    God Bless,

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    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Oh wowwww, Sheila, you have said so much, so, so much. I hope you took some time to really talk with your mom, aunt, and friends. We are carrying so much. We must learn how to drop the load.


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