Let’s Make Lists: Seven Little Things


A few days ago, a friend sent me @studygr1nd’s Instagram post in which she shared an image list of small things and activities that keep her sane. I thought, “What a great idea for a blog post!”

So this Monday evening, when I’m feeling a bit out of sorts and words feel like too much for my crowded brain, I’m sharing with you seven little things that keep me sane. I’m focusing on specific things here–not experiences or people.

  • My sketchpad: Take my word for it–doodling sunflowers and daisies does wonders for chasing away the crazies.
  • My journal: There’s a tie between writing in my journal and walking among the trees as the best free therapy, but since I’m listing things and not experiences, the journal wins here.
  • Fine point black gel pens: With what else will I doodle and journal?
  • My favorite disc-bound planner: Writing out my to-dos and scheduling my day helps me to see the big picture. Also, the tasks don’t feel so overwhelming after I make a list.
  • Floral mail pouch: The gorgeous black mail pouch decorated with lavender flowers and gold accents was a gift from Christine B, one of my pen friends. The pouch is filled with postcards, note cards, tiny art, stickers, and washi tape. Of course, its primary purpose is to hold items for snail mail, but sometimes, simply looking at the pretties helps me reset.
  • Mary Oliver’s DevotionsNeed I say more?
  • My sunflower wall: Sometimes there’s nothing more mind-settling than turning toward my brilliant wall(s) of sunflowers that remind me to #facethesun

Though I can list far more than seven, I’ll spare you the lengthy list. I tortured you enough with my list of 100 things that bring me joy. 😀 And, since I don’t have to be convinced to make a list, I decided to make this “list week” on the blog. C’mon, you saw this coming, right?

What are some things that keep you sane?

About the Image: The postcard above, entitled Girl with Watering Can, features the work of Mila Marquis, a Hamburg, Germany-based illustrator. My Love Notes friend, Gina B sent the pretty card for International Women’s Day. You can see more of Marquis’ cheerful whimsical illustrations on her Instagram or Facebook page.

19 thoughts on “Let’s Make Lists: Seven Little Things

    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Thanks for loving it Martha. Listing is its own therapy, so I try to do it often. 😀 And sunflowerssssss–I received your gorgeous sunflower. THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait till my next sunflower week (or month?) to share it. Are you one of my partners for the GHS? I


  1. Janet from FL says:

    Music, especially on my Echo device, because I can ask for whatever music or song or artist I am in the mood to listen too! Then of course I sing or dance along. Some of my favorite requests are Lauren Daigle, Classical Harp (very relaxing), Mandisa (uplifting), and the My Savior album by Carrie Underwood.

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  2. pinknabi says:

    I am with you on the discbound planner. It took me awhile to finally settle on one (as you well know). I can honestly say I’ve been using the same one for a year now. By the way, thanks for helping me with tab names…changing the tabs freshens up the book. I thought your camera, complete with photowalks, would be in your top 3, especially since you photowalk with some of your favourite people for that 2-for-1 deal. 😉

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