Wildflowers in the Mail | What Are You Nourishing?

from Kathi

I managed to get to one of Jennifer Belthoff’s Write Together sessions earlier this month. I intended to return to the prompts and write more fully about them. That hasn’t happened yet, but in recent days my response to one of them proved to be a test of discipline and my commitment to myself. 

I am nourishing…

I am nourishing my peace. I am firmly rooted in stillness and shielding myself from the clamor and confusion of a world that can be harsh, mean, violent, and cold. I am finding ways to center myself so that I don’t fall into utter despair over the evil that subtly creeps and settles into the fabric of human hearts.

I am protecting my peace by maintaining barriers against toxic people and toxic culture, by accepting that I am not always right, my way is not the only way, and that others are entitled to being who they are and moving through this world as they wish.

I am seeking pathways to peace in the most disturbing national and international moments. I am staying responsibly informed, but am turning away from and refusing a steady diet of news and social media and feasting on light and beauty instead. 

I am crafting an environment of peace by creating order [internally and externally] and by fueling my soul with the Divine, with poetry, with art, with song.

What are you nourishing? 

About the Image: My Wildflowers friend, Kathi G, sent the card above–a card she says reminds her of me and my “endless vision of creativity.” Aww…thanks, Kathi. The card, sold exclusively for Trader Joe’s, features the work of Laura Graves. You can find more of her art on Instagram or Society6.

7 thoughts on “Wildflowers in the Mail | What Are You Nourishing?

  1. Natasha says:

    Love your nourishing journey, Chandra.

    I’ve been nourishing myself with yoga and mediation.
    I’m also nourishing myself with stillness and silence and switching off from the hustle bustle.
    Watching the world just pass by.

    I’ve also been nourishing myself with affirmations and healing thoughts, and books and blogs that bring me joy.
    I recently nourished myself with a satisfying vacation to the mountains with the family.
    I also nourish myself with healthy boundaries, as that’s what creates healthy people.
    I also nourish myself in nature, walking bare feet, hugging trees, watering my plants, chatting with them and gardening.

    I nourish myself each day with gratitude, for every single thing that comes my way.

    This is a beautiful post, like always.

    I wish your a nourished and nurtured life always.

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  2. revruss1220 says:

    Beautiful! I need to accept your prompt and explore this question with space and intentionality. Most recently, we nourished our souls with the liveliness of time spent with three teenage granddaughters. Now it is time to nourish our bodies with some rest.

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  3. Janet from FL says:

    I am nourishing good health, rest, relationship with God, and my relationship with my husband. The craziness of this world has been taking a toll, and I need these for a firm foundation to stand firm in my beliefs and values despite what is going on in the world.

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